Saturday, December 31, 2011

Zooey and Joseph Duet

A sweet New Years Eve send off from two of my favorite people, Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt! Granted they are my favorite people from afar as I don't know them personally but stalk all of the projects they are involved in.
Enjoy these amazing artists...
Bon Nuit, I'll talk to you next year!
xoxo bd


Happy New Years Eve, everyone!
This year has come to an end and I am excited to share with you something exciting for this new year.
 There has been a project that I was recently asked to be apart of that I'm excited to let you in on!
As I'm sure know I've been active on YouTube in documenting my life with Vlogmas as well as monthly favorites and Birchbox. 
Having (sheepishly) put myself out there in to the YT community, a beautiful girl reached out to me so kindly and encouraged me in my videos, Andrea!
While Andrea is beauty guru on YT, BeUBeautyChannel, she decided to start a collaboration channel focusing on beauty, fashion and lifestyle. She was nice enough to let me be apart of this new project.
If you are interested in getting to know Andrea better, visit her blog, According To Andrea, where she updates often with fun pictures to go along with each post.
Now back to SheStyledIt!
The collaboration consists of 4 girls: myself, Andrea of Indiana, Karina of Texas and Elly of England. Every week we will have one topic that all of us will make a video of expanding our points of view on that topic. This weeks videos are all about our outfits and makeup of the evening for New Years Eve.
You can view my video, here:
Please visit our channel and check back every Thursday to see what I have to say for BetsyStyledIt.
Have a lovely New Years Eve!
xoxo bd

Friday, December 30, 2011

Roadtripping to Louisiana

Happy Friday, friends! This is the last Friday we will have in the year of 2011 and I cannot hesitate to mention how quickly this year went by.
Our 2011 was filled with graduations, moves, new jobs, new friends and new lifestyles. We were excited for what this past year had to hold as we knew many things would come about.
I am currently writing this in the back seat of a “boat” aka Grand Marquis that my father-in-law rented for the trip we are taking to Louisiana.  Apparently my F-O-L, Joe, wanted a Hyundai. That car is his favorite one to drive on roadtrips but instead were given this upgraded vehicle. Joe wasn’t so happy, he likes the Sirius XM radio that the other car comes with. Oh and by the way, Joe says High-Un-Day not Hun-day. I laugh everytime he says the name.  Everytime.
Disregarding the fact that this car is a “boat” it sure is comfortable.  Cue naptime!
I’ve got magazines, my iPod, laptop and cell phone to keep me occupied. Did I mention this was a 10 trip? Oh yeah.  

Adam’s grandparents live in northern LA in a small town where his  mother grew up as well. We haven’t been back since last October and seeing as his grandfather’s health is declining, we decided to join Joe on the drive down.  We’ve decided to find cheap LSU gear and a place for me to get my nails done while visiting.  This should be fun so I will try to keep updating as much as I can. More than likely you can find my updates via Twitter or Facebook. Stay tuned :)
I’m recovering from a cold/sinus infection for the past couple of days and as you can see and still reliant on my Puffs tissues and Vaseline. I wish you could look glamorous while sick but it’s just not happening.
We’ll be stopping in a minute by a Target in Birmingham to purchase some undergarments I regretfully forgot to pack. So with that TMI sentence, I’ll talk to you later.
Have a lovely Friday!
Xoxo bd

Saturday, December 24, 2011


Gingerbread House Decorating!

A sneak peek at the beginning to our Christmas celebration festivities.
xoxo bd

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Vlogmas Overload

Good evening! {Or good morning or good afternoon depending on when you are reading this}
I apologize for the lack of blog posts over the past week, this holiday season has gotten the best of me.
In case you are interested in my daily vlogging, here are the videos since Friday.

I hope that you have a wonderful night, I will be going to bed now.
Talk to you soon!

xoxo bd

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Vlogmas: Day 14 {Sushi and Dirty Santa}

Hello Hello!
With the muck and rain of this morning I am thinking fondly of our warm sunny weather yesterday.
We're so close to Christmas and yet it was 70 degrees out.
 If you have ever lived in the Tennessee area you are familiar with the schizophrenic way our temperatures act out. Last year around this time we had a day where its high was 80 and then a week later we had a "snow storm" with 6-8 inches. Craziness. You'll hear all about it in my vlog, so let's go ahead and get into it!

There is so much to prepare for this weekend, we have family and two sets of friends coming into town. With cleaning the house, grocery shopping and Christmas shopping I am sure to be exhausted by Monday. 

Have a lovely day, I'll see you tomorrow!
xoxo bd

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Influenster: VoxBox Holiday Edition

Hi friends!
As I said in my last post, I received a VoxBox in the mail from Influenster. You may not know what that is so I thought I would share.
After scrolling through videos on YouTube I found one posted about VoxBox and never having heard about it, became intrigued. Shortly after watching girl after girl talk about the company and the products they received, I signed up for an account.
I have posted a video to explain the process and how you can receive one for yourself.
All you have to do is sign up for an account and then start to unlock badges. These are what I would consider lifestyle badges. Everything from living in the city, being Eco conscious,  a dog lover, college student, blogger, smart phone name it, there's a badge to unlock.
If you are given the opportunity to recieve a box this means that they consider you influential. You have the ability to showcase new things to your friends, family, and co-workers that they can enjoy.
Please know that this isn't for females only. If you are a guy that is into grooming and trying out new products, you too can be apart of Influenster. There's a specific badge called 'Metro' just for the men.
Click on the video below so that you can see my reaction to the products in my VoxBox:

Products Received:
-imPress Press-On Manicure by Broadway Nails
-Softsoap Coconut Scrub Bar Soap
-Montagne Jeunesse Face Mask
-NYC Liquid Lip Shine in Nude New York
-Mentos Pure Fresh Gum
-Larabar in Chocolate Chip Brownie

If you are interested in the company, visit and sign up for an account!
Also, be sure to keep up with them on Twitter @Influenster or on their Facebook page.

xoxo bd

Vlogmas: Day 13

Happy beautiful Wednesday, I hope yesterday was wonderful for you!
After working all day I came home to find that I received my first VoxBox by Influenster in the mail.
I filmed a video on what Influenster and VoxBox are about which I will share with you soon. For now I wanted to post Vlogmas Day 13.
I promise to be back shortly with more information and happenings. Have a lovely day, talk to you soon!
xoxo bd

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Misty Rain Go Away

It's that kind of day with the misty rain and gray fog have taken over.
I'm lucky to have a desk surrounded by windows otherwise a dark office on such a day as this would not be pleasant.
Wishing you sunnier skies for today....
xoxo bd

{Photo Credit: Flickr}

Vlogmas: Day 12 {Adam's Birthday}

Hello friends, I hope that you're doing well!
Yesterday was Adam's Birthday, the big 2-6!! Sadly,  because both of us were working full days, we didn't get to spend much time together aside from our evening. Spending every day of my life with him is an 
absolute treat.
I adore that man, I really really do. 
I feel like it is rare that you find someone who not only gets who you are as a person but also loves you despite your shortcomings. He is kind, gentle, loving, strong, brilliant, caring, creative, hilarious.....that man hung the moon in my opinion. He is my love and my best friend. A girl couldn't ask for anything more than that, right?
Before you decide to stop reading for all of the mushy feelings I have, why don't we jump into day 12 of vlogmas.

See you tomorrow!
xoxo bd

Monday, December 12, 2011

Vlogmas:Day 10 & 11

Happy Monday!

This weekend flew by but so many things happened. For an easier recap, I'm just going to post both vlogs for your enjoyment.
I hope your days away from the office or the stressful days at your job were enjoyed and relished. We're on to a new wonderful week and are less than two weeks from Christmas. Eek I've got to get on the ball!

Vlogmas Day 10 {Saturday}
A doctors visit and The Dickens of a Christmas Festival

Vlogmas Day 11 {Sunday}
A Sunday Funday filled with burritos and a movie

I will talk to you soon,
 xoxo bd

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Vlogmas: Day 9 {Opryland Lights}

There are so many things going on this weekend that I am excited to capture all of the moments and be able to share them with you...not to mention view them years from now.
Last night we went to The Opryland Hotel to view the famous Christmas lights display they have every year. The hotel is adjacent to The Grand Ole Opry which is home to country music at its finest.
The hotel's namesake, I believe, is because of the concert hall and when previously there was a theme park, Opryland USA. Sadly the park was shut down in the late 90's and a large mall now sits in its place.
If you grew up in the Tennessee area around the 80's/90's you most likely have very fond memories of riding the flume zoom where you can now buy a pair of GAP jeans. It's funny how things change....
I still have a picture that a park artist drew of me from 1998. Classic.

Okay but on to the fun stuff, I'm excited to share with you our night out as a family to walk all around the hotel and be together.

Today we'll be visiting Downtown Franklin for the Dickens of a Christmas with my aunt and uncle! 
I'll talk to you tomorrow, have a fantastic day!
xoxo bd

Friday, December 9, 2011

Vlogmas: Day 8

TGIF. Yes.
Not only is it Friday but it is also casual day at work meaning leggings and not as super high heels as normal. My poor feet....they go through so much.
Tonight we're going out with my parents, Josh and Amber to The Opryland Hotel to see the Christmas lights! My parents haven't been back in 10 years so I know it will be fun to visit with them and take many pictures. Without a doubt you'll be able to see it all on tomorrow's episode of Vlogmas...and tomorrow holds many fun activities as well. Gosh I love Christmastime!
Let's get this show on the road and begin this beautiful weekend ahead of us.

Have a lovely day, I'll talk to you tomorrow!
xoxo bd

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Vlogmas: Day 7

What a beautiful day it is outside! You may or may not be in the middle Tennessee area, but the sun today is shining bright. I feel like that past few posts I have made through Vlogmas have noted the dreary weather we've experienced. Not so for today, people, it is gorgeous!
I must mention something I struggle with regularly...whenever I go non stop and am out every night of the week doing something, I quietly wish for the night when I can be at home watching our shows under a blanket. Last night I got exactly that and yet I desired to be about town like a busy bee. Sometimes I make no sense to myself. 
A full fledged day of work ahead of me, I should end this entry now. 
If you, whomever you are, have kept up with my daily vlogging then thank you! I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to spend a few minutes with means a lot.

Okay I have to get going. Please enjoy this day as much as you can muster...I'll see you tomorrow,
xoxo bd

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Vlogmas: Day 6

Happy Wednesday, the work week is half way over!

We got some Christmas shopping taken care of last night and our gifts are slowly coming together. 
Our weekend will be packed with many activities so I know I have to get my tasks taken care of other wise they will fall by the way side. Not that you care....or that it makes a difference but that's life.

It occurred today that when I signed myself up, or rather made a commitment to myself, to do vlogmas I didn't truly think about the amount of time I would be sharing with you. If ever you wondered why I chose to film my life for 25 days in a row it was mainly to show that I could commit to something. With this blog at least, I will make a few posts and delay for a while then the cycle would continue but nothing consistent. This little project is keeping me accountable which I like. Even if no one watched these, which not very many people are to be honest, I would still do them as a way to show myself that I can in fact be consistent. So cheers to a new day and consistency! Have a lovely hump day, I'll talk to you tomorrow.
xoxo bd


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Vlogmas: Day 5 {Hamper Proof}

Good morning good morning good morning, it's time to rise and shine!
I have another episode of Vlogmas for you with a funny least I think so. It is proof of something that has been talked about for a while but now you can see it with your own eyes.
As yesterday's weather stopped me from taking care of a couple of things I needed to do, I'm hoping the rain will clear out for at least a few hours after work for some errands.

It's time for more Christmas shopping which I would like to take care of tonight as well. We'll see what happens.
Have a lovely day, I'll see you tomorrow!
xoxo bd

Monday, December 5, 2011

Vlogmas: Day 4

Good morning lovely friends!

I feel like this past weekend flew by oh so quickly....come back!
If you are wondering about our car, it is finally fixed. The problem was, as stated in Vlogmas Day 2, that our AC/Heater fan was broken as well as another component. For the first time in over a year our AC will blow on more levels than just high! We had the same problem about a year and a half ago which was fixed last summer and then out it went again! All things considered, we still had a car that drove and got us to where we needed to be. But now our car not only drives, it also has a fan that blows on levels 1-4. Hallelujah :)
Without further ado, our Sunday Funday! 
With the holidays in full force I am seeing our calendar fill up so quickly. Every weekend there is an activity, party or event to attend and I need to remember to be in the moment. I'm dedicating this entire week to solely Christmas music. Nothing but holly jolly music all the time.

I hope today is productive for you seeing as it is the beginning to a new week. Grab that coffee and work your butt off. I'll be back tomorrow for more fun vlogging!
xoxo bd

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Vlogmas: Day 3

Happy weekend one and all, I hope that you had a spectacular Saturday and are now enjoying your Sunday!
While I hung out with my friend Lisa to shop for clothes and Adam watching football, our car was getting fixed. If you have known me for any length of time you will know that my cars have always had something wrong with them. We are no strangers to mechanics and our record is a mile long with all of the different things we have had to fix. One day I will drive a nice car that rarely breaks day. 
Without a shadow of a doubt I know that everything happens for a reason and am thankful that 
God believes I can handle such moments in life. Stressful, humbling, frustrating, bank breaking moments that we have always gotten through.

Today is a new day with amazing family time that we will get to spend with my parents and grandfather. Blessings all around us!!! 

Take care, I will be back tomorrow for more Vlogmas! 
xoxo bd

Vlogmas: Day 2

Welcome to the second day of vlogmas...
As I said in yesterday's post, I will be vlogging everyday until Christmas.
Normally I would talk about all that we did but to be honest, the video speaks for itself. Literally and figuratively.
Here's a look at our lovely little life...

xoxo bd

Friday, December 2, 2011

Merry Vlogmas

Happy Friday, everyone!

I apologize for my lack of entries this week but I have something that should be a lot of fun to do on a daily basis.
As of yesterday I started Vlogmas which is essentially Vlogging (video blogging) everyday until Christmas day. This is a great way for me to remember the little things we do in our lives but also a way to keep me on top of blogging in general.
Seeing as it was only for a short period of time, I thought I'd give it a go.
Most likely I'll post the day after we do our activities and you can follow us through this holiday season!

Day 1 started off with us driving to the Tennessee Supreme Courthouse in downtown Nashville for Adam to officially be sworn in as an attorney. I swear (no pun intended, seriously), there are so many things you have to do in order to become a full-fledged lawyer. Granted I think that's a good thing...but many steps have to be taken and money to be collected from us.
It was about 27 degrees outside as we walked against the wind a couple of blocks just to get to the building but of course it was all worth it. You got to see a very momentous time in our families life.
Check back tomorrow for all of today's activities.

I talk to you soon,
xoxo bd

Monday, November 28, 2011

Sunday Funday and a Gloomy Monday

Good evening, you!

It has been rather gloomy, yesterday and today, the rain has yet to stop. We've been told that snow is on it's way...I'm assuming sleet or slush but not snow...we're not that lucky.
While Saturday was semi productive we ended up sleeping in way too late on Sunday morning, so much that we slept through our alarms to get up for church. We got our little selves ready and started the day regardless of productive inabilities.
Seeing as the weather wasn't letting up and we had been given a movie gift card from Adam's aunt, we decided to check out what was playing.
About 15 minutes north of us is an area called Green Hills known for the glamorous lifestyles of the rich and famous but also to some great shopping. I like great shopping, FYI.

We opted for a late lunch at Whole Foods and split a wrap while coincidentally seeing the drummer of The Black Keys! If you don't already know who they are by their name, I'm sure you would know them by some of their songs {Next Girl, Howlin' For You} which have been featured in commercials and all over the radio. In our nerdy music-obsessed way, we got super excited inside (Adam basically jumped for joy) and then walked away. We're not the kind to talk to celebrities or ask for autographs, we just admire from afar and oogle at how well they're dressed. We are weird- it has been settled- now lets move on.
After filling up on yummy wrap-ness we shopped around and bought some grooming goodies then headed to the larger mall for even more wallet emptying.
Give me a shopping center and I'm your girl. Amen.
I'll skim over the boring details of window shopping but wanted to quickly mention that before the movies we stopped by Trader Joes to pick up some special cookies that are only out for the holidays:

We went to see Hugo which I was so enthralled by. If you have the chance to check it out while playing in theaters, spend a couple of extra dollars and see it 3-D. It was beautifully made and the story completely drew us is. The dvd will undoubtedly be purchased by these Davis's mind you :)

I hope this week treats you well, you deserve a good start to this holiday madness.
I'll talk to you soon...
xoxo bd

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Just a few more...

 In case you hadn't seen enough photos of me and my family yet, I thought I'd share a few more that my mom sent me. 
'Cause I'm generous like that.
For some reason, Amber and I cannot take ourselves seriously in photos together. 
But I have to say, it is wonderful having a sister in law you can hang out with and have so much fun with. Talking about coupons, makeup and little british girls who can rap.
Also, please note that in the top photo, my husband on the far left and my dad on the far right share the same haircut and glasses. A girl always marries her father...

xoxo bd

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Hello again, friends! 
As long weekends away would have it, there was much to do when we got home.
Last night neither of us got much sleep ; hubs stayed up playing with his new Xbox and I watched numerous videos on Youtube. I’m beyond interesting, can’t you tell!
With us fighting the urge to take a 3 hour nap in the middle of the day, we ran some errands and made it back to our little home for the yummiest dinner, made by hubs himself! To die…so good.
Oh and something really cool as well, Adam received the limited edition Birchbox Man in the mail and has now used the shampoo, moisturizer and a few other things. For what the box is actually worth, you get so many cool items and high-end products. Kudos to BB, you guys and gals hit it out of the park!
Here are a few snapshots of our evening:

I would like to say that our life has exciting events with parties to attend  and people to meet but lately, it has been more or less laundry, home tasks and work…as you can see. Someday soon :)

After devouring our meal we watched all of the behind-the-scences from Super 8 (It’s a must see if you haven’t already) and put up the tree.
I’m really glad to have one more day off so that all of the other necessary tidbits I have to take care of will be done by Monday.
Have a splendid nights sleep, I'll talk to you soon.
xoxo .bd

A Happy Thanksgiving Weekend

…and a very happy Saturday to you!
If you are like most of the U.S.,  you probably spent yesterday shopping amongst everyone else in your town for the best deals. All of the stuffing and turkey from Thursday put you in a food coma and Friday was your time to not only walk it off, but spend it off. In fact Adam, the hottest of the hottest hubbies ever, {okay I’m biased} waited in a long line at Best Buy for over 6 hours to get an Xbox 360. Granted, there were people in tents outside of the building since Monday, so I don’t consider him crazy at all.

We have been at my parents home for the majority of the weekend along with my brother Josh, his wife Amber and our grandfather, Papa!  It has been a while since Papa has spent Thanksgiving with us and this was Amber’s first which made Thursday a very special day. Who knows, next year there might be one or two little ones as well…
When you get all of us together there is no doubt about fun being had. We all enjoy being in the same room as each other so there will always be a movie or TV show on in the living room.
 Getting the last bits of Amber's homemade cheesecake ready.
 Not quite sure why I'm kneeling...she doesn't know why either, so let's just move on.

 Again, not sure what we're doing...
 Me and my beautiful Mamma!
 We're apparently twins. We wear neutral pancho-type outfits and carry the same purses.
 Sada-saaaaa Sada saaaaa!
 Without a recipe, I attempted to make stuffing for the first time ever. I think it turned out quite yummy and the ever so popular turkey made  quite a "ham" of himself this year on top. Wow. Bad joke. Bad.

As you can see, the men were pretty M.I.A. in the pictures as they were either watching the football game or messing with their iPads.  Honestly, it looks like the only ones who attended our family shindig are my mom, Amber and myself but I promise all of the hubbies were there and Papa of course. Hopefully I will post a video of our fun times soon.
With that said, I am off to breakfast at Cracker Barrel with the family before we all part ways.
I hope that all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you spent it with those you love.
Talk to you soon,
Xoxo bd