Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mamma Always Told Me There'd Be Days Like This

If ever there was a time for me to relax and recuperate, it would be right now.
Just put my hair in a bun, took a relaxing shower and slathered moisturizing lotion all over my body.Oh and not to mention there is a radiance mask on my face and whitening strips are on the teeth. 
Isn't it odd how the beauty process works? If you were to look at me right now, I would look any thing but cute with messy hair, sweat pants and a face that even a mother would shriek at. No really, it's a white mud mask and I look a little scary....just saying. But yet after hours of curling my hair, painting my nails and putting mascara on you will see a wildly different gal. Just funny......
Last week felt like a month's span of time as many emotional events took place in my personal life. There's no need to delve into it but I felt like I was put through the ringer. That being said, I need this week to physically and emotionally take time away from distractions. 
So if you will please excuse me, I have a date with my magazine.
xoxo bd

Friday, January 20, 2012

SheStyledIt: How I Store My Makeup

It's Friday! The weekend has arrived, I am ecstatic!
I would really enjoy visiting the world of sleeping in tomorrow....really really enjoy.
You may have read once or twice that I am a lover of all things organized. Well this week on SheStyledIt all of us girls (Andrea, Elly and Karina) are talking about how we store our makeup products. As the space that I store my makeup is quite small I thought I would show you all of my beauty items and how I try to maximize the space.
Whether you are a girly girl or love a good video on storage...cause who doesn't think about fun and storage in the same thought.....then please watch what I have posted below.
This weekend we'll be dog sitting for my boss as he and his family visit a college for their daughter. It doesn't hurt that they have a theater in their basement, if anything, it just adds to the beauty of this weekend. Oh and I also want to note that my dearest friend, Holli will be turning 24 on Saturday as well as my gorgeous and incomparable Mamma. (We'll just say she's turning 24, too!)
Definitely a busy few days ahead of us but I am eager to enjoy every minute. 
Have a lovely Friday, I'll talk to you soon!

xoxo bd

Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Lovely Weekend Trip

Hi there!

I hope that this post finds you well. 
This past weekend I, with my mom and sister-in-law Amber, visited family in Mobile and Fairhope, AL. Ever since we returned home I have been busy with something to do and could use another extended weekend to rest up! Despite my lack of energy at the moment, I wanted to share with you a few clips from our time away.

Amber and I were able to stay with my beautiful cousin Stefanie, her adorable daughter Brooke who you saw multiple times and her husband Michael. They were so kind to host us and provide us with inspiration from front door wreaths to home decor and organization. It was because of her pantry that I darted to the Dollar Tree for containers and baskets to sort out my miserable pantry. Thank you, Stefanie!!!
Also I must note that she made a spectacular Mardi Gras wreath for my mother-in-law who was so obsessed with it that she said she won't take it down until Christmas! Now that's a great gift :)
Off to work...
Have a lovely day, I'll talk to you soon!
xoxo bd

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Influenster: Holiday Vox Box Review - NYC New York Color

What a treat is was to receive my Influenster Holiday Vox Box last month in the mail! Within that box I received many complimentary items including the NYC New York Color Liquid Lipshine in Nude New York!
If you are interested in seeing all of the products I received, watch the video I made at the bottom of the post.
Now to the most important part, the lipgloss...or as they say over at New York Color, Lipshine.
The shade of Nude New York was so wearable and a great addition to my daily makeup routine. I have found myself reaching for this gloss often because of its creamy consistency and neutral color.
Considering the quality of this gloss, it's shocking to know that it is only $2.49 and readily available! 
I wore it by itself or over some of my favorite lipsticks and every time it gave me such a finished look.
Who says you need to pay department store prices for great products? 
For more information on this brand visit:
or check them out on 

xoxo bd

Product Information:
Straight from the city that never sleeps, NYC New York Color offers products with uptown style at down-to-earth prices, from $.99 - $4.99. The energy, style and color of New York City shines through the wide range of shades, textures and innovative products. NYC always delivers the most on-trend products & shades hot off the runway!

A beauty-editor favorite is Liquid Lipshine ($2.49). It has pure pigments that created a 3-D gloss effect. Vitamin E provides shine and a moisturizing feel. The formula is non-sticky, super shiny & soft. Available in 10 on-trend shades from neutral nudes, to berries & fuchsias. Start shopping for NYC at these stores nearest you: Walmart, Target, Rite Aid, CVS, Family Dollar, Duane Reade, Kmart, HEB, and others.  Visit newyorkcolor.com to check out all shades and fun products from New York Color!

Influenster: Holiday VoxBox - Broadway imPress Press On Manicure

Through my Influenster Holiday Vox Box I received  imPress Nails by Broadway in the print 'Wink Wink'.
They are considered to be the revolutionary way to apply polish.
What I enjoyed about these press on nails is the ease of application. Within 60 seconds I had them applied to my nails without the cost of going to a salon or smearing polish!
The packaging is so creative and I love how they played on the traditional nail polish bottle as well.
In order to apply, you clean your nails with the prep pad provided in the container or your own remover. Make sure all of the imPress nails match yours and then remove the film from the back of each nail and place on the nail bed.
Again, the ease of this product is fantastic but the pattern/print that I received was less than desirable.
I personally didn't feel like I could wear them to work as it is a conservative office. There was no greeting clients with that print and I don't believe my boss would have approved. 
Also I felt that the length of the imPress nails were slightly too long for my taste.
As far as the removal, it was simple, they just popped right off. 
I do suggest that you check Broadway Nails out as they have many other color and print options available! If you are notorious for always messing up your manicure or never having enough time, this is the route to go.
For more information on Broadway Nails or a quick video on how to apply them, visit their website:

Also, for updates on what they are doing, visit their Facebook Page and Twitter!

xoxo bd

Product Information:
Introducing imPress Press-On Manicure by Broadway Nails, the revolutionary way to apply polish! Featuring advanced nail technology, you can get a salon-perfect manicure in seconds – simply peel off, press on, and you're done. There's no drying, a killer shine and a manicure that lasts up to a week! And, imPress is so easy to remove, you can change it up to match your mood as often as you want. Check out all 36 colors and patterns, including trendy brights, classic darks and animal prints. With imPress, your nails will always be your best accessory.

imPress Manicure retails for $5.99 for colors and $7.99 for patterns, and is available at CVS, Rite Aid, Duane Reade, KMart, Walgreens, Walmart and more. For a full list of online and in-store retailers, visit imPressManicure.com, where you can download an exclusive coupon and virtually try on all the colors and patterns!


Influenster - Holiday VoxBox Review - Montagne Jeunesse Mask

I'm looking a little scary, aren't I?
As a part of my Influenster Holiday VoxBox, I received this really fun product by Montagne Jeunesse which I'm sure if you are a girly girl like me, you've seen before.
I remember having used these masks when I was younger with my girlfriends and have continued to use them ever since. 
I received the Dead Sea Mud and put it on the very night I opened by box.
After cleansing my face with my usual cleanser and warm water, I patted my face dry and applied the mask.
Though the packaging was finicky to open the mud mask it self was easy to apply and relaxing to have on.
Once my 15 minutes of bliss was up I used a wash cloth to remove the mask and was in love with the feel of my skin! With having sensitive skin I am always hesitant that I will react to new products but this mask did not disappoint and my face felt like new! There wasn't a trace of dryness not did my skin feel tight. What a wonderful way to end my night by removing the grime of the day!
I want to also make note that if you feel strongly about the environment and what you put on your body, this is a brand you can trust. They have made many efforts in reducing their carbon foot print and all of their products are vegetarian standard, BUAV approved as well as PETA approved!  
Little did I know that at 12 years old while having sleep overs I was also helping the environment.
I already have a back up mask by Montagne Jeunesse to use tonight and am ready to get this posted so I can have some relaxation time!
Being that they are no more than about $2 you should go to your local drug store and pick up a few!
To learn more about the company and their story, visit:
Also, keep in touch with them via Twitter and Facebook!
xoxo bd

Product Information:

Whether you enjoy looking after your skin, being pampered, or indulging in some me-time, be it alone or with friends, you will absolutely enjoy one of these ‘Life Little Pleasures’… With a huge array to choose from, our face masques are packed with the most delicious natural ingredients and are bursting with luscious fragrances. Suitable for all different skin types, there is one to suit every mood and everybody!

Montagne Jeunesse beauty treats are free of parabens, vegetarian approved and never tested on animals. So treat yourself today to a masque that will hydrate, nourish and leave your skin cleansed, smooth and glowing. Available at ULTA Beauty, Walgreen’s, Claire’s, Walmart, Kroger, CVS Pharmacies and other retailers across the US, these masques are available in a variety of succulent flavors, including:
  • Cucumber Peel Off
  • Passion Peel Off
  • Dead Sea Mud
  • Fruit Smoothie
  • Strawberry Souffle
  • Chocolate Mud
  • And many more!

Influenster: Holiday Vox Box Review - LARABAR

In the beginning of December I received my Influenster Holiday VOX Box and if you are unaware of what that is, I will have the video I made to discuss the company and product info at the bottom of post.
As a part of receiving the vox box you are required to give reviews via a video or a blog post. I have decided to make a series of blog posts reviewing all of the products I received!
The first item I wanted to talk about was the LARABAR.
Having eaten LARABAR's for over a year and truly loving the product I knew this would be an easy review.
I was given the Chocolate Chip Brownie sample as you can see in the picture above. It has the chewey-ness of a gooey brownie with such great flavor without the guilt! {If I want a dessert I grab one of those!}
I loved that not only did I get my sweet tooth craving a rest but I also was given a boost of energy from the protein!
If you have diet restrictions for one reason or another, this is a wonderful choice for a healthy and quick nutritional bar. 
Delighted by the company's idea on how food should be made it is comforting to know that every bar you eat is comprised of quality ingredients...not a large quantity of ingredients!
They are more available now than ever and you can easily find them at your local WalMart, Target, Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and many other stores.
If you are interested in finding out about the company including all of their flavors, visit their website:
You can also see what they are up to by visiting their Facebook page or send a quick tweet over on their Twitter!
They have a new flavor that just came out and I am ecstatic to try the Cappuccino whenever I can find it.

I hope this review was helpful to you if you have seen these yummy bars in the store and were curious! 
Have a lovely day!
xoxo bd

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hello, Tuesday

Hello and Happy Tuesday!
I have so many things going on right now and am excited to share them with you!
Granted I haven't been updating this lovely little blog all that often lately, but if you are interested in beautiful eye candy, or keeping up with me in general, you should take a look at my tumblr and twitter.
I have had a tumblr (Blog site and image hosting site) for a little while but never utilized mine to its full potential. Shame on me.
Lately I have been obsessed with the easy access of posting pictures and feel that it speaks volumes of what I like. I am such a visual girl and if I see something pretty, inviting, or detailed, I will make sure to post it.
Also, if  you  have read my last few posts you would know that I am involved in a style collaboration channel on YouTube. Every week we are posting videos from each of us girls with a different topic. Last weeks was 'What's In My Bag' which I did my very own video on. Yes, that's right...go on and click below 

Tomorrow I will be visiting the eye doctor for an long over due appointment, again, shame on me, and will finally be back to contacts. Sweet eye freedom.
Also, this weekend will be girls trip to my hometown of Mobile, AL. I will be going with my mom and sister-in-law, Amber! Being that it has been 2 years since I've been back, it's due time...no?
Have a lovely evening and I will talk to you soon,
xoxo bd