Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How long has it been since I last posted, a week maybe? Shame shame.
I'm currently sitting in a local coffee shop called Cafe Ecclectic boasting what I would call Memphis's best coffee.  They use Illy coffee aka better than starbucks. Yes I said it, the truest of all Sbucks followers has found another favorite.
As the cafe is on the way downtown to the law school I have taken many a trips here for a quick cup on the way to work after dropping the hubby off for class. As I sit here I'm sipping on iced coffee and have just finished a yummy strawberry cupcake- so good! Sometimes you just need a little treat, right?

Today my boss mentioned it was time for evaluations and possible raises if you were eligible. Seeing as I've only been with the clinic since August I am ineligible but will none the less receive remarks on the best and worst of my work. Though I work harder than I feel I've ever done with what one would call a typical "job" {clock in, clock out- large company, holiday parties, uniform etc etc}, it's still a little scary going in for an evaluation, you know? One of the girls I work with as well as a PT said that it was nothing and all I should be critiqued on would be my posture. *Sitting up straight as I type*

Monday I was given the entire day off as another co-worker asked to cover my shift so I would do the same for her in return yesterday afternoon. Although it was nice to have the day off on Monday I found myself bored pretty quickly followed by a lack of energy to complete any housework aside from laundry. Yes I mustered up the ability to wash all sheets and every piece of clothing I think the two of us might own I have yet to actually fold them. One basket full of towels sits in the living room and another large basket sits in a corner in our kitchen. {Remember how our washer/dryer are located next to my stove? Lovely!} With my insufficiency to take care of our home I headed off to work yesterday for 10 hours of patients and exercises.
I was sincerely pooped by the time 6:30 rolled around and didn't want to wake at 6 am today. Bah hum bug I say.

I best be packing up, Adam gets out of class in a few minutes.
Have a lovely hump day evening, one and all!
xoxo .betsydavis

{Photo Credits: Hitchcock Blonde}

Monday, February 15, 2010

.about face

Growing up I've always had an obsession with the face- makeup, skin care, brushes, creams you name them, I love them all! A view into my past: when I was a 12 year old homeschooler my bother and I joined the local 4-H club. With the likes of farmers at my side we had to embark on a 2-3 month long (maybe??) project of our choice. Start your project of choice and record your progress step by step documenting with numbers and weeks and days and colors and more numbers. As you can tell I was more into playing with cleansers rather than bar graphs.  Out of all the kids in my age group I was the only one to have my project based solely on the face. I did experiments with different exfoliates, moisturizers, toners, make up and acne care. I had to make large posters showing pictures I drew of the steps I took in the experimentation and also write a paper on my project. I was passionate, driven and clean faced yet I fell below the line with an apparent lack luster presentation as I made up all of the pie charts and percentages. What can I say, I was 12 and had no desire to research.
Today at work as I was helping a patient she said something so sweet to me, she complimented me on my hair and make up. She asked what special occasion I had to be so put together at work.
What?? Really?? I'm tellin ya, 80% of the time I feel drab and outdated but then there are the people that say one little sentence which ends up brightening the rest of your day. I needed that for sure, my heart is happy. Thank you, ma'am!
So on to what this post is really about... well make up of course! With the hopes of Spring peeking its lovely head around the corner I am diving head first into fresh ideas and photos as inspiration. First on my list, Miss Ashley Olsen whose style I've been following since my stint as a 4H-er, I like how clean she keeps her look
 xoxo .bd

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day, Lovelies!

With my first valentine's day as a married woman I am celebrating the love of my life, Adam.
He's my adventure, everyday I fall more and more in love with him and who he is a person. He balances me, he puts me into check when I've lost my ever lovin' mind, he makes me feel beautiful and special. 
I love you, my love!

{A few cute children's quotes about love:}

"When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different. You just know that your name is safe in their mouth"
-Billy, Age 4

"Love is when a girl puts on perfume and a boys puts of shaving cologne and they go out and smell each other."
 -Karl, Age 5

"Love is when you kiss all the time. Then when you get tired of kissing, you still want to be together and talk more. My Mommy and Daddy are like that. They look gross when they kiss."
-Emily, Age 8

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tired Tush Tuesday

A quick post before I fall asleep to a movie....
There's been a task at work which I have taken hold of and as of today completed with great diligence. It was a job that hadn't truly been done in two years which a couple of co-workers of mine and I finally finished. {It only took us two weeks....why did it take that long before?} All I can say is I'm glad it's done, at least until the PT's dishcharge their charts and then it begins again. Please ignore my lack of details, if I gave them to you you might be bored.
After work I made a couple of trips around town and arrived home in time for hubby to walk in from class. I miss him so much during the day, he's my biggest supporter and friend not to mention amazing husband! 
We decided it was time for the gym and headed to the U of M campus for some elliptical lovin' time. I climbed, I swooshed, I climbed some more... What is the actual move you make on an elliptical anyway? I digress- my tush is now in healing mode as I think level 6 of resistance in the last few minutes killed me. I sounded like an 80 year old woman as I crawled in bed and had to reach for a pillow on the floor, "Oooohpss that involves abs! Holy man my butt can't do that move anymore!". If you inserted a groan or two in your head as you read that then you heard me.  I'm a sad excuse for an athlete but at least I gave it a try, right?
I'm under the covers now with wet hair and about to pop in 'Jane Austen's Book Club'... goodnight :)
Sleep well lovelies, sweet dreams!
xoxo .betsydavis

{Photo Credit: Definitely Golden}

Monday, February 8, 2010

Obsessed with black and white stripes from bathrooms to skirts, I'm in love.



Hello hello and a happy Monday to you!
After a fun weekend in Nashville with our families we are now back in Memphis just in time for a little snowstorm that hit us this morning.
Saturday morning my mom and I were able to get our nails done together which we had never done before. In fact this was my mom's first time to have hers professionally done and they look so good! My feet were in desperate need and that poor guy who took care of me deserved every bit of that tip. All of my toes are a sweet light pink shade in honor of valentine's day. {Aren't you just so excited for Sunday?} We spent our time between both families watching movies, going shopping, church and lunch at Red Lobster. Such a nice gesture for Adam's parents to take all of us out! We left Franklin early as we wanted to make it home before the Super Bowl started so that we'd still have somewhat of a weekend at home before the work/school week started.
{Side note: Adam's from Louisiana leaving us to cheer for the Saints of course! Who dat!} 

Much to our surprise we woke up this morning to a text from Adam's friend Zach stating that the snowbird called for snow and school was cancelled for him. I scoffed at the text "knowing" my work wouldn't close for anything as we have many patients to attend to yet after texts between a few girls from work were exchanged and a call to the boss we were told to enjoy the snow and not come in. Thank goodness, we would have had to leave at 7 normally but instead I laid my head back down on the pillow.
Excited to have the day off I lazed around on the couch watching the morning tv shows and quickly jumped off the ole tush to clean clean clean. Adam had to pick up his friend from the airport who attended the super bowl and didn't know if he could take him all the way to his apartment and might have to have him stay at our house.  
Wipe the sink down. Wipe the kitchen counters. Make the bed. Assemble all the dirty clothes from the luggage and stuff in the washer. Stuff Stuff know they'll fit!

Having been pretty low key all day I'm itching to get out again but the forecast calls for another 3"-6" of snow overnight. I'm sure cabin fever will kick in if work isn't open tomorrow but all is well because we have Mad Men Season 1 to catch up on. Yay!
Long entry coming to an end promeese.
Love you all, I hope you have a lovely evening!
xoxo .betsydavis

{Photo credit: Love is A Big Funny Word}

Saturday, February 6, 2010

To be a little french girl....I have a feeling her life was much more imaginable than my own at three.
She's the cutest though, isn't she?

Once upon a time... from Capucha on Vimeo.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Can you believe it? We've reached the sweetest month of all, February and nothing could be sweeter than pastels and flowers. ...and maybe even a cupcake or two :)
The rainy weather has put a damper on my day despite my getting all chores done I have felt pretty blah. Maybe I should shave my legs or paint my nails, that always gets me feeling girly since I'm home alone.  In fact reason being, Adam is out for the evening at Rhodes for a seminar on Brown v. Board of Education. Seeing as we live in Memphis which has such a large civil rights background it seems quite apropos. Anywho he's there until 9 and I'm watching The Deep End.
I bought a large sketchbook last night at a local art store for allll of my magazine clippings from Elle to Lucky & Saveur to House Beautiful. Since I was 11 I've been obsessed with magazines- the glossy photos, the tips and tricks with abounding inspiration, I just can't get enough! Needless to say I've accumulated quite a few {ahem...hundreds} of those lovely periodicals and felt I should break them down to their finest pieces according to what I like and chuck the rest. For now I have two separate books to hold my wonderful torn out pages and feel quite liberated to be truthful. If I get a chance in the near future I'll post the progress.
Tomorrow Adam and I leave for Nashville to celebrate Daniel, Adam's brother, on his 18th birthday. His brother will be taking the ACT and working most of the time leaving us to get our tires rotated, an oil change and my muuuuch needed 6 month long awaited pedicure. Come to me soft feet! Hello there buffed heels and goodbye calluses. Eeep I'm elated!
Have a lovely Thursday night, I wish you the happiest of dreams.
xoxo .betsydavis

Monday, February 1, 2010

{kids sledding down the lawn of a local high school}

{Our window covered in ice} 

{Our windshield}

{Every branch and limb encased in ice}

{Sidewalks covered in thick ice}

After spending most of the weekend inside due to the snow storm I have to say I'm glad that the ice has melted.
We woke up Saturday morning both having cabin fever and wanting to get out of the house.
Initially we thought to take the car out but as you can see above our windows were covered with a thick layer of ice topped by a couple of inches of snow. There wasn't any kind of defrosting that could get our car on the road. Still itching to do something we decided to start walking and ended up a few miles down the road at Barnes and Noble to look at magazines, a burrito at Taco Bell and a warm chai for the walk back home.
As you can see in the last photo the sidewalks didn't give way to any traction and Adam slipped a lot because of his shoes but no scrapes or bruises.
The rest of the weekened we didn't do much as church was canceled. I took the opportunity to clean every inch of the house because a plumber was coming today and Directv as well.
Alrighty off for the night, I hope you have a wonderful Monday evening!
xoxo .betsydavis