Thursday, February 6, 2014

Valentine's Day Beauty

Truth be told I didn't have my first Valentine until I was 20 years old. Luckily my very first Valentine is the man I married. At the time we lived 3 hours away from each other so I traveled to see him for the weekend and he took me to the most quaint sushi restaurant in Memphis, Do. It was located in the Cooper-Young area of Midtown and had such a sweet setting inside. I will never forget how perfect that evening felt. 

Leading up to my trip I talked with my roommates about what I should wear, how my hair should look and what kind of make up to use. I thought long and hard about how perfect I was going to look for this date. I packed a pink floral cupcake dress that my roomie let me borrow and brought 6 inch heels so I could stun the man. I was ready to look hot! Funnily enough, after all of the stress and worry, he preferred the cream sweater dress and flats that I was already wearing. From that night on and throughout our marriage I have come to realize that Adam prefers me to look more like me. He doesn't want lots of makeup or high to the heavens hair sprayed locks- he loves when I am cute and girly and simple.

There is something to be said about big eyelashes and six inch heels, but the approach I want to share is the most classic of Valentines Day looks. 

H a i r: One of the best compliments I receive from my husband is when he holds me tightly and says how nice my hair smells. You want your hair to be soft and un-fussy. Redken's All Soft Shampoo will revive the most damaged hair.  Trust me. For extra softness, use a great hair mask to follow up your shampoo like the miracle worker by Macadamia.

M a k e u p: I believe every guy prefers to see your face, so apply the blush lightly and only a little lipgloss will do. You want to kiss him, don't you? I prefer palettes that have colors which are combined to compliment each other and soft neutrals look the most natural. The above palette by Laura Mercier is a total winner. The lipgloss by Nyx is creamy and gives a "my lips but better" hue.

S k i n: Keep your skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water and make sure to moisturize after your bath. It is great to choose a lotion or body butter that has a light scent so even if you're not into spritzing perfume, you will smell lovely from head to toe. Check out The Body Shop's nicely scented Body Butter in Grapefruit.

N a i l s: Being that you are keeping with a natural, ladylike beauty look, I suggest a clean and simple manicure. A guy will most likely not know what to do with Stiletto Nails and frankly might be a little scared. Again, go natural and treat yourself to a mani pedi with a beautiful light pink polish. So girly!

Enjoy your night out -or in- and treat yourself! 
xoxo bd

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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Pretty In Pink

With Valentines Day just around the corner I have noticed everyone posting lovely photos of the varying shades of pink and here I am following the crowd. 

Growing up my favorite color was never pink, I was the girliest of little girls but would rather have a yellow room or a yellow dress, not pink. As I have gotten older I realized that I am more and more drawn to pink from my ipad case to the camel and pink color blocked purse I am currently carrying. *Honorable mention goes to my pink shower loofah*

I hope you're enjoying your weekend! I'll talk to you soon...
xoxo bd