Saturday, December 31, 2011


Happy New Years Eve, everyone!
This year has come to an end and I am excited to share with you something exciting for this new year.
 There has been a project that I was recently asked to be apart of that I'm excited to let you in on!
As I'm sure know I've been active on YouTube in documenting my life with Vlogmas as well as monthly favorites and Birchbox. 
Having (sheepishly) put myself out there in to the YT community, a beautiful girl reached out to me so kindly and encouraged me in my videos, Andrea!
While Andrea is beauty guru on YT, BeUBeautyChannel, she decided to start a collaboration channel focusing on beauty, fashion and lifestyle. She was nice enough to let me be apart of this new project.
If you are interested in getting to know Andrea better, visit her blog, According To Andrea, where she updates often with fun pictures to go along with each post.
Now back to SheStyledIt!
The collaboration consists of 4 girls: myself, Andrea of Indiana, Karina of Texas and Elly of England. Every week we will have one topic that all of us will make a video of expanding our points of view on that topic. This weeks videos are all about our outfits and makeup of the evening for New Years Eve.
You can view my video, here:
Please visit our channel and check back every Thursday to see what I have to say for BetsyStyledIt.
Have a lovely New Years Eve!
xoxo bd

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