Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Happy Tuesday - Birthday Week

I hope that you are having a lovely Tuesday! It is quite gloomy and rainy here in middle Tennessee and the light in the office seems to mirror the light in the photo above. 
Can I get a blanket and a nap time scheduled? Please? Pretty please? Anyone? No? Okay....Moving on....

Drumroll please! It is officially my Birthday week! I cannot believe 25 years has passed so quickly. I always thought of the age 25 as being an adult but I still find myself saying things like "One day when I'm a big girl" or "An adult would probably have....".  Yet I'm not there yet except for when I pay taxes or insurance or think about efficiency. Kids don't think about efficiency...they just don't.
 I spoke with a co-worker recently and at 47 she said that she still thinks those same thoughts. At what point do you turn into one? A grown-up, that is. 
Well any way, to start the b-day week off right, this past weekend we spent with family and friends! Saturday the Mr. and I got to hang out with each other as we spent the day shopping {I got some makeup goodies} finished by dinner and a movie with close friends. We saw Silver Linings Playbook in case you were curious. Jennifer Lawrence is my new favorite, I'm so glad she won the Oscar! She is just plain funny and I appreciate her self deprecation after the whole trip up the stairs thing. You go girl.
Sunday was special; we got to spend time with my family! We walked around downtown Franklin, took lots of pictures, chomped on yummy pizza and browsed around the boutiques. I love my family and our little niece. I truly truly love them...'nuf said.
Yesterday my main man {My only man by the way} treated me to a mani/pedi and dinner at Carrabbas. How amazing is he? Rather than our usual Monday routine I think I prefer pampering and going out to eat. 

So that's my wee update...again, I hope you are having a lovely Tuesday. February is almost over which means the year is flying by and next Thursday will probably be Thanksgiving. 
Okay, I'm gone :) I'll talk to you soon.
xoxo bd

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Currently: 2/7/13

Loving:  Quotes. I'm kind of a quote fiend. I like good words. Words that resonate...

Reading: Lots and lots of magazines. I have a pile stacked sky high next to my bedside.

Waiting for: My new print to arrive! Emily over at JonesDesignCompany {whom I so totally copied this questionnaire from} designs lovely artwork and I ordered this little print to place in our bathroom!

Excited about: Valentine’s Day. I love the hearts, the candy, the time with my best friend/hubby/partner-in-crime and going out to eat.

Trying to: Paint More. The other night I came home from work, got out my canvases and acrylics and got started. 

Working on:  waking up earlier. This is a constant battle, truly. I have the grandest ideas of waking up at 5 in the morning to take time on my hair, makeup and maybe even make a nice breakfast. Unfortunately I spend that precious time sleeping. Maybe someday??

Enjoying: Having a bedroom TV. About a month ago we purchased a tv for our room. This is something people swear by or swear off. We absolutely love it! 

Using Addicted To: Vine. It’s an app that is a sister to Twitter. You make 6 second videos about whatever you like. The app will piece the clips you film together for you. Check one of mine out,here!

Wearing: A top knot. Thank you to the person who made it acceptable for me to throw my hair on top of my head and call it put it together. I wear this "hairstyle" more than I'd like to admit.

Planning: Our summer vacation. It is between Vegas, Disney or mayyyybe back to our honeymoon spot, San Francisco

Singing: Mushaboom by Feist. That song is just pure happiness and Spring Time.

Needing: A manicure. Oh these nails,they look rough. 
Whenever I say/type the word rough, I think of “Buzz, you’re girlfriend, ruff!!”. Can anyone relate? 

Learning: to take things in stride. Somedays the stresses of work tear me down and I have to realize they are for learning and/or for not taking too seriously. I can’t let it rule my life, simple as that.

Listening to: anything on my Spotify playlists. I enjoy very much making up new ones to listen to while at work.

Watching: Netflix and Hulu! We are obsessed with following many a series and are currently into The Following, House of Cards and I personally love The Carrie Diaries.

Dreaming of: Having a family. Every time we see our niece Charlotte, we get dreamy thoughts of having our own little one(s). Someday :)