Monday, March 28, 2011

Hello everyone!

Can you believe that March is almost over? With working extra hours at work and daily life, I have put this dear blog on the back burner. Last Monday I went to bed at 7:15 One month from tomorrow will be my last day at work leading us closer to our move date.
We are currently in the process of finding a place to live as our previous option has since fallen through. Thinking about it in hindsight I feel we settled for what we thought would work best rather than what would make us happiest.
Nothing is set in stone but we are seriously praying about a recent housing opportunity that we found. It is small…very small, but in the heart of the area we love. We’re definitely eager to be back in the city, close to concerts and coffee shops and our favorite people.
Can I say that I'm itching to pack everything up already? I want to be the most organized mover/packer out there. No more throwing things into trash bags the day of...well I have never done that...but you get the point. A mess there will not be.
Recently I have become obsessed with a blog devoted to organizing which I hope to do a post on soon. My magazine collection is out of this world but her ideas and tips make me not feel bad for the amount I collected.  Yes, I am committed now; I will make a post this week!
So I must bid you goodnight, my eyes are closing faster than this laptop. Sleep tight and I’ll talk to you soon.
Xoxo .bd

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

There is a website I visit on a daily basis that if I don't go to it on my computer, it's bookmarked on my phone. When my daily life consists of running around a gym taking patients through their exercises, all I want to do is take off those tennis shoes and dress up.
The Vogue Diaries is updated with pictures of celebrities coming from the airport, grocery shopping or events. Every photo documents at least one item that they're wearing and where to purchase it. Now, to be quite honest, I rarely click on those links as I just cannot afford those beautiful pieces.
One day I will be able to purchase those amazing Brian Atwood pumps, but until then I will drool over the pictures...and find inspiration.

I hope you all had a great weekend, talk to you soon!
Xoxo .bd

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Lovely Pairing

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and spent some time in the sun.
Unfortunately we had to set our clocks forward which means I will be getting used to a lack of sleep for the next few days. Pray that I don't crawl under a desk at work and nap...'cause I just might!
Lots of absolutely happy things will be happening soon and I will be giving all of the details soon.
Take care, I'll talk to you soon!
Xoxo .bd

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

 Happy Wednesday, we have officially made it to the middle of the week.

To accompany my post on Monday, I thought it might be fun to show a part of our grocery shopping trip. If you live in or around Memphis, I am sure you have seen the buildings with large orange signs saying EASY WAY. An answer on the local chain’s website answering a question as to why they chose such a bright sign is, “The color orange is supposed to be an appetite stimulant and also draws a lot of attention.”
Simply stated, I think.
This place is full of fruits, vegetables, local items such as cheese, honey, breads, goodies and milk. The prices are always much cheaper than what is at our local grocery store or Whole Foods. We typically go in like kids in a candy store and pick out everything we want because it is so affordable. Because of the quantity we buy at a time, we shop there every other week.
With that said, here is what we bought today!

Our Receipt:
Atauflo Mangos               $0.69
Sliced Mushrooms             $1.99
Fla Strawberries (2 @ 0.99)  $1.98
Kale Greens (2 @ 2/1.00)          $1.00
Sweet Red Onions             $0.73
Carrots 1LB                  $0.89
Lemons                       $0.33
Broccoli                     $1.99
Peaches                      $2.15
Kiwi Fruit (2 @ .59)         $1.18
Bananas                      $0.65

      BALANCE                      $14.63    
Total Number of Items Sold    =14

Afterward we have a fridge filled with yummy food and eager bellies.

Here’s to getting through the next few days of the work week.
Have a lovely evening!

Xoxo .bd

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Polka dots couldn't be more fun and playful and make you feel happy especially on a day like this one where the sun has yet to shine. Rain rain go away!
Talk to you soon...
xoxo .bd

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Monday, March 7, 2011

In thinking of ways on how I can really make this a personal blog I thought to share  a personal decision I made.
It is recently that I have taken up this new way of eating; it can really change things up and force you to become aware of what you eat.
People call it being a Vegan.
About 3 years ago I had heard lots of hype about this diet and although had considered it, it was more of a drastic change than what I was willing to make.
If you’re unfamiliar with Veganism I will give you a novice’s take on it.
First, its only similarity to vegetarianism is meat and fish are not on the menu.
Essentially, it is a plant-based diet.

*You cut out all meats and animal biproducts that include dairy, eggs and even honey.

*Sugar and sugar substitutes need not apply.
(Think splenda, sweet n low, corn syrup, refined white sugar.)

*Grains and pastas are allowed being that they are whole grain.
(Think whole-wheat pasta, quinoa, oats, rye, barley, unrefined goodness.)

*Caffeine is a big no-no.
            (Starbucks? Wherefore art thou, Starbucks?!)

After a while, you start to ask, well what is allowable? What else can I eat?
As I said, it is plant based so it is all about getting in your fruits and veggies as well as whole grains and good starches.

 To be honest I have found freedom and enjoyment in trying to figure out other ways to concoct my meals. No, I do not just eat tofu or granola, which would be plain old boring and a common misconception.

Truth be told:
I have found that there is a burning passion for avocados within me.

Adam actually likes the meat substitutes, especially the Gardein Mandarin Chk’n.

Almond butter tastes better than the peanut kind and almond milk is delish!

I am not as co-dependent on venti iced coffees as I thought.

Those little lemonade packets by crystal light help me to get in my 64 oz. of water.

Vegan cheese does not compare to the real stuff. It just does not. Not bad, but not cheddar by any stretch of the imagination.

I cheat by drinking chai tea in the morning even though it has caffeine. Sue me.

I bet you’re wondering why, right?
Well, I flirted with the idea for a while but was not ready to give many of my favorite foods up.
While watching a talk show a few weeks ago I saw a woman, Kathy Freston, advertising her new book, The Veganist. Instead of talking of all the things you cannot have, she spoke of all that you could. Her simple approach got me thinking of what was out there food wise that I wasn’t exploring. I wanted a change and felt like I could handle it.
Another person whose passion and knowledge I've gravitated to is Alicia Silverstone. Clueless, anyone?
Yes she is a vegan and animal rights activist but also an author of The Kind Diet. From her book and website I've gained lots of information. On top of those two fabulous ladies I have really done my research and feel this is a choice that will benefit my health in the long run.
I tried it for one day…then I tried it the next….and then the day after and just wanted to see how far it would take me. Once you figure out the items you truly can’t live without you work out other options. There are subs for butter, cheese, milk, yogurt, cream cheese, ground beef, chicken, even beef tips!

This entire post was not to tell people to become vegans (unless of course you’d like to) but to share a little part of a decision I made.
If you are interested, I can pass on some life saving snack options but otherwise maybe it just let you in on something you’ve never heard of.

Have a lovely day; I’ll talk to you soon!
Xoxo .bd

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Good morning, good morning, good morning, it’s time to rise and shine…
Get out of bed you sleepy head… 

I can recall almost every morning, my mom would greet us with that song when we woke up. It’s funny how things like that will stick with you, especially when they bring back happy memories. Even now I’ll sing it to Adam if I’m in a good mood. :)

A couple of weeks ago I took off today as a way to spend some time with my hubby while he was on spring break. Ideas of camping had been tossed around or getting out of town but no such things happened. Though the thoughts were great I am glad we did not because the temperature is still a little chilly. Nonetheless, I still have a Monday morning to rest and engage in morning type things. Those type things are as follows:
            1. Catch up on sleep
            2. Have a chance to eat breakfast
            3. Time to go for a jog and exercise

I truly believe that a three-day weekend should be enacted rather than keeping with those two not-so-long-enough ones we actually get.  
Can I get an amen? I mean wouldn’t we take care of so much more?

So here’s to an eventful and productive week; have a lovely day!

Xoxo .bd

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

You know you are in trouble when your mom gets on to you for not posting.

Since my last update that was oddly enough exactly one month ago today, many things have happened.
To celebrate Valentines Day, Adam and I went to Do for sushi as we have per tradition for the past three years. To my surprise, I was given lilies, my absolute favorite flower!
What a wonderful husband I have! He loves and takes care of me so well; just call me spoiled.
One of the reasons why I love lilies is that they tend to last me for a couple of weeks at least; they are definitely worth the price and beautiful to boot!

Each day the sun would shine welcoming in what seemed to be the start of Spring with warm afternoons and short sleeved shirts. Of course, all good things must end as yesterday and today’s weather has been unkind. A dreary gray colored the skies with cold air seeping in through our windows. (We lack insulation in our house. I am not kidding.)

Before I forget, I wanted to mention that we took a trip back to Nashville last weekend to celebrate my birthday and search for apartments. I am now the ripe ole’ age of 23… I’m a spry one.
My parents were generous to take us out to The Cheesecake Factory to indulge in the most amazing corn fritters and chocolate mousse goodness. I kid you not when I say I have a big weakness for cheesecake. After that wonderful night, we spent all of Saturday driving around Cool Springs, Brentwood and Nashville for a place to live.
After touring many places, we decided on the first apartment we viewed which had the best deal of them all!
I cannot express how excited I am for this move as I have been counting down the days. {Two months & three days}
While my excitement has been brewing, Adam has become increasingly anxious as it means he will have finals to take and papers to write. Sorry, my love.
On top of his anxiety, he was plagued with the flu this past week. He was miserable for 6 days straight and rarely slept through the night. Thank you, Jesus, for the invention of Tamaflu as without that powerful drug he would still be under the covers with a fever.
Since then, the sheets have been cleaned, everything de-sanitized and he is now the proud owner of a new toothbrush. What a week!

Hoping you enjoy the rest of your Sunday evening, I will let you go.
Talk to you soon,

Xoxo .bd

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