Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Vlogmas: Day 12 {Adam's Birthday}

Hello friends, I hope that you're doing well!
Yesterday was Adam's Birthday, the big 2-6!! Sadly,  because both of us were working full days, we didn't get to spend much time together aside from our evening. Spending every day of my life with him is an 
absolute treat.
I adore that man, I really really do. 
I feel like it is rare that you find someone who not only gets who you are as a person but also loves you despite your shortcomings. He is kind, gentle, loving, strong, brilliant, caring, creative, hilarious.....that man hung the moon in my opinion. He is my love and my best friend. A girl couldn't ask for anything more than that, right?
Before you decide to stop reading for all of the mushy feelings I have, why don't we jump into day 12 of vlogmas.

See you tomorrow!
xoxo bd

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