Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Its Wednesday night and all of our bags are packed.
Have I talked about my plans for this weekend? I can't recall. Well I'll let you in!
Every other year the Davis clan has a family reunion in Oklahoma, roughly 30 minutes outside of Tulsa.
From the moment I met Adam's family they always talked about the family reunions. It used to be held over a weeks span (can you say too much family time?) but is now only just a weekend.  Lots of family time and lots of ....more family time.
We fly out at the crack of dawn followed by what I'm assuming will be a mind-blowing layover in Missouri and finally we'll land!
One of Adam's aunts owns a large property by on a  lake with multiple cabins which they're letting all of us stay in. I'm told there will be lots of nothing to do. We'll be swimming and tubing, reading, playing games and all of those lovely activities. I don't fare too well with the sun as I'm...well...very fair. Everyone will inevitably come back from the trip looking like brown sugar where as I will be your resident lobster in a black bathing suit.
Time for bed, I've got an early day ahead of me. Sleep well, bon soir!
  xoxo. bd

Monday, June 21, 2010

Outfit to Room

While working part time as a receptionist at a Law Firm for the summer I have fallen into the work outfit mess. 
I brought a few things with me that would be deemed office appropriate but I'm really trying not to always dress in black and gray. Lately I've worn lots of cerulean blue and deep purples but after seeing this outfit worn by Jessica Biel, the tides have turned. Light and airy looks effortless and warm weather friendly...certainly!
Pants by Catherine Malandrino, Christian Lacroix blouse, and Fendi Clutch.
xoxo .bd

{Photo Credits: Catherine Malandrino}

Friday, June 18, 2010

I'm kind of loving this a lot.
If all fast food packaging could be so chic, I do believe I'd be in trouble.

Hermes McFancy designed by CoolHunter
The Cupcake Wrapper Co. designed Paul Smith Cupcake wrapper. 

{Photo Credit: Eat Drink Chic}

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm a working girl today... 
A better post tomorrow I hope.

xoxo .bd

{photo credit: Giorgio Armani via Jeune Marie}

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

An absentee blogger this week, I apologize. In my defense I did update a couple of my past blogs with photos from my blackberry {crackberry is more like it}
Another sweltering week has begun with the heat index yesterday reading 109! Humidity hasn't been kind to us here in middle Tennessee giving me multiple urges to jump in the nearest body of water. My lucky friend Holli has been at the beach for the past two weeks soaking up the sun, getting tan and swimming. Darn you.
We're mid June and today marks our one month stay here in Nashville. Can you believe it? Just a month and a half left....
My parents took off this morning for a weekend trip to Gatlinburg which leaves the hot hubby and I with a house to ourselves.  We need some alone time as one would expect after moving back in with their parents for the summer. But oh what a blessing to see them and be with them!

Here are photos from a date of ours a couple of weeks back:

See?! I'm really trying to show personal photos to document our lovely life.
Now, to the beach. Okay not really, but in my mind...absolutely. 

Actually to the kitchen, time to make dinner!
xoxo .bd

{Photo Credit: Milla Jovovich by Carter Smith via FGR }

{OOOps Post}

{Meant to post on Sunday but apparently didn't have the strength to press Publish Post}

Happy Sunday, lovelies!
I hope that you've had a wonderful and lazy or maybe even uber productive weekend.
Friday all of our tasks were taken care of and we capped it off by going to a surprise birthday party for my beautiful friend Morgan. We had such a fun time seeing friends and over doing it with the yummy punch. (I must have that recipe) At the end of the night all of us gathered around the picnic table in their backyard covered in lights and candles. We played a hilarious round of apples and apples which I now think we should own for ourselves.

Yesterday we drove to Murfreesboro, roughly 35 minutes west of Franklin, to have my other beautiful friend Whitney do my makeup! She works for MAC and the company was having a promo weekend for their newest summer line. Her work is gorgeous and I walked out of their with a surprisingly colorful eye make up. Who knew I could pull off yellow/green eye shadow? I certainly didn't but risks are necessary in life to spice things up. 
The night before Jessica invited me and Adam with her roommate Brittni to see Andy Davis play at 3rd and Lindsley. Let's just put it out there that I have been a fan of his music for quite sometime and only by the influence of Jessica had I known about him. She brought me to a show at 12th and Porter a little over 3 years ago where I instantly fell in love with the style. It may have been a bit sticky and warm in the bar last night but Trent Dabbs, Andrew Belle and Andy Davis certainly did not disappoint. Going to shows was always a passion of mine while living in Nashville and I'm excited to have it be apart of my life again.
xoxo .bd

Friday, June 11, 2010

Sweet bliss! 
When I don't have the opportunity or energy to blog I feel a little down because I absolutely love doing so. Now I have a moment, but only a moment because I'll be heading out the door to get a new debit card. More on that later.
My previous post mentioned that I was going to have a busy week, I'm not sure how much I put that into perspective. Monday and Tuesday proved to wear us Davis's out- we left the house by 7:30 only to get back home that night by 10 something. Long long day! We were given a job to help clean a l2,000 sq ft home before the family moved in. Never in my life have I done that many squats while wiping down base boards, scrubbing an enormous amount of (to die for) marble and much more. The house was opulent to say the least, with vintage chandeliers in every room (yes, every) and countless vintage gold sconces. Love! As that house would a be a dream home for the two of us, it was just a bit big. We cleaned there Monday night and all day Tuesday...let's just say we were humbled.
 {Dream stove! A viking surrounded by marble and custom cabinetry}
{The gorgeous foyer. The chandelier had to be lowered and every piece of glass had to be shined.}
{My favorite hallway; never knew I could have one but I do! Marble floors throughout, custom molding and light fixtures with two of the lovely ladies I worked with.}
Today I am lucky enough to have off and am trying to take care of all the little or rather big chores that were pushed aside this week. Living out of our suitcases makes clothes unorganized and the room just plain messy. With my time this morning I've folded, hung garments and put things in their proper place. Let's see how long this lasts.
I stated above needing to get a new debit card. Once again our bank account has been compromised with someone using our hard earned money to spend $600+ at WalMart online. From what we can recall the last time our card was out of our hands was at a local pizza place this past Friday. We work so hard for our money, literally very hard, and it is awful to have someone take that from you. 
If you recall less than 2 months ago we had the same situation arise but being Adam's debit card number stolen.
Our bank will have all of the stolen money reimbursed by tomorrow morning and we now have to make changes in how we use our cards. Again and again we ask ourselves why these hardships are in our life- we know it's not cosmic and we know it's not God punishing us...we've come up with it being a sharpening tool.  To teach and grow us.
I'm just sayin', I'd like to lay off the sharpenin' please!
Here I go, some running around to do and a lovely party for tonight.

xoxo .bd
{Photo Credits: Style Sightings, Definitely Golden }

Sunday, June 6, 2010

 There's a lovely calm feeling that I have on Sundays, a feeling of pure relaxation. You know, have lunch and take a scrumptious nap only to wake up to everyone assembling leftovers into sandwiches then watching tv shows. I'm not the only one who's experienced that right?
We woke up this morning and got ready for church {ohh we've missed our church home in Franklin!} where we heard a wonderful sermon on The Flood...the big Noah's Ark flood. I had never heard the story presented in such a way that everyone in the room seemed to be engaged. Oddly enough, as the service about 40 days and nights of rain was over we walk outside to it misting all around us.
Spending the next few hours eating some SATCO and walking around the very posh Green Hills Mall we wore ourselves out and decided to come home.
On a side note: The air conditioning/heat fan in our car broke last September. We got away with slamming the hood down which somehow popped it back on. All of that effort lasted until around February but eventually it led to cracking a part of our windshield. Unfortunately the rest of Spring and beginning of Summer has been miserable. We would either have frozen fingers in March or sit in sweltering heat up until yesterday. That's right, by the grace of Adam's parents they blessed us with the gift of fixing our car. The warmth and humidity now have nothing on us while driving down the interstate. No more tangled hair from the wind and no more 3x application of deodorant. Ohh it's beautiful. Life just got a lot easier. {Thank you Joe and Barbara!}
Tomorrow begins another busy week. Until then I'll be relaxing with my family, obsessing over the cooking channel.

Have a cozy evening!
xoxo .bd
{Photo Credits: All via Sunday Suppers and photographer Karen Mordechai}

Friday, June 4, 2010

 Rise and shine, it's a beautiful Friday morning.
With a week full of different jobs and running errands I'm finding that I enjoy work. I may need a day or two off here and there...and maybe I'll be in bed by 10... but keeping busy is what my heart desires.
Currently Adam has been gone everyday bringing home the bacon. He's the best provider and continually takes care of us never turning down a days work. Though the sharing of one car tends to drive us crazy we're blessed to even have one and have multiple jobs on a daily basis. Like I've said before, moving here for the summer was a leap of faith and God has shown us, again and again, that He is faithful always. He is the almighty provider. 
A job that the two of us have been given is to help clean houses. It may not be the most glamorous job as one could imagine and that's okay. We're blessed to have someone who calls everyday with a new offer and work opportunity.
Being that I'm about to put the rent check in the mail, I think I'm ready for beautiful photos to take my mind off of the real world.

Have a wonderful, splendiforous beginning to your weekend. 
xoxo .bd