Saturday, December 10, 2011

Vlogmas: Day 9 {Opryland Lights}

There are so many things going on this weekend that I am excited to capture all of the moments and be able to share them with you...not to mention view them years from now.
Last night we went to The Opryland Hotel to view the famous Christmas lights display they have every year. The hotel is adjacent to The Grand Ole Opry which is home to country music at its finest.
The hotel's namesake, I believe, is because of the concert hall and when previously there was a theme park, Opryland USA. Sadly the park was shut down in the late 90's and a large mall now sits in its place.
If you grew up in the Tennessee area around the 80's/90's you most likely have very fond memories of riding the flume zoom where you can now buy a pair of GAP jeans. It's funny how things change....
I still have a picture that a park artist drew of me from 1998. Classic.

Okay but on to the fun stuff, I'm excited to share with you our night out as a family to walk all around the hotel and be together.

Today we'll be visiting Downtown Franklin for the Dickens of a Christmas with my aunt and uncle! 
I'll talk to you tomorrow, have a fantastic day!
xoxo bd

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