Saturday, December 3, 2011

Vlogmas: Day 3

Happy weekend one and all, I hope that you had a spectacular Saturday and are now enjoying your Sunday!
While I hung out with my friend Lisa to shop for clothes and Adam watching football, our car was getting fixed. If you have known me for any length of time you will know that my cars have always had something wrong with them. We are no strangers to mechanics and our record is a mile long with all of the different things we have had to fix. One day I will drive a nice car that rarely breaks day. 
Without a shadow of a doubt I know that everything happens for a reason and am thankful that 
God believes I can handle such moments in life. Stressful, humbling, frustrating, bank breaking moments that we have always gotten through.

Today is a new day with amazing family time that we will get to spend with my parents and grandfather. Blessings all around us!!! 

Take care, I will be back tomorrow for more Vlogmas! 
xoxo bd

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