Monday, November 28, 2011

Sunday Funday and a Gloomy Monday

Good evening, you!

It has been rather gloomy, yesterday and today, the rain has yet to stop. We've been told that snow is on it's way...I'm assuming sleet or slush but not snow...we're not that lucky.
While Saturday was semi productive we ended up sleeping in way too late on Sunday morning, so much that we slept through our alarms to get up for church. We got our little selves ready and started the day regardless of productive inabilities.
Seeing as the weather wasn't letting up and we had been given a movie gift card from Adam's aunt, we decided to check out what was playing.
About 15 minutes north of us is an area called Green Hills known for the glamorous lifestyles of the rich and famous but also to some great shopping. I like great shopping, FYI.

We opted for a late lunch at Whole Foods and split a wrap while coincidentally seeing the drummer of The Black Keys! If you don't already know who they are by their name, I'm sure you would know them by some of their songs {Next Girl, Howlin' For You} which have been featured in commercials and all over the radio. In our nerdy music-obsessed way, we got super excited inside (Adam basically jumped for joy) and then walked away. We're not the kind to talk to celebrities or ask for autographs, we just admire from afar and oogle at how well they're dressed. We are weird- it has been settled- now lets move on.
After filling up on yummy wrap-ness we shopped around and bought some grooming goodies then headed to the larger mall for even more wallet emptying.
Give me a shopping center and I'm your girl. Amen.
I'll skim over the boring details of window shopping but wanted to quickly mention that before the movies we stopped by Trader Joes to pick up some special cookies that are only out for the holidays:

We went to see Hugo which I was so enthralled by. If you have the chance to check it out while playing in theaters, spend a couple of extra dollars and see it 3-D. It was beautifully made and the story completely drew us is. The dvd will undoubtedly be purchased by these Davis's mind you :)

I hope this week treats you well, you deserve a good start to this holiday madness.
I'll talk to you soon...
xoxo bd

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