Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Vlogmas: Day 6

Happy Wednesday, the work week is half way over!

We got some Christmas shopping taken care of last night and our gifts are slowly coming together. 
Our weekend will be packed with many activities so I know I have to get my tasks taken care of other wise they will fall by the way side. Not that you care....or that it makes a difference but that's life.

It occurred today that when I signed myself up, or rather made a commitment to myself, to do vlogmas I didn't truly think about the amount of time I would be sharing with you. If ever you wondered why I chose to film my life for 25 days in a row it was mainly to show that I could commit to something. With this blog at least, I will make a few posts and delay for a while then the cycle would continue but nothing consistent. This little project is keeping me accountable which I like. Even if no one watched these, which not very many people are to be honest, I would still do them as a way to show myself that I can in fact be consistent. So cheers to a new day and consistency! Have a lovely hump day, I'll talk to you tomorrow.
xoxo bd


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