Sunday, March 20, 2016

Lovely Little Pregancy

As this is my first pregnancy I have undoubtedly experienced quite a few firsts.

The first time I felt her kick.
The first time I got a reallll craving for subway sandwiches and pickles... And banana pudding and starburst candy and cereal and a bologna sandwich. That list could truly go on.
The first time I bought a piece of clothing for her.
The first time I wore an outfit and felt pregnant, not full of burritos.

This has been a wonderful experience and I love that all of the things people have said about pregnancy are resonating with me. To live through these "firsts" has been very sweet. 
That time above where we purchased little onesies for her, that was the night we found out she was a girl. We had officially given her a name, she became real to me that night. She was no longer an "it" or a "baby bean" as we lovingly referred to her for months, she was a little girl. So that night, I was beginning to wrap up the onesies in tissue paper and place them in small bags to give to our parents. The next morning we had out family get together for breakfast to reveal "it" was in fact a she. 

That very moment I held the piece of clothing in my hands, I welled up with tears. 

Though you might think that it was total Preggo emotions, and you could very well be right, it was an honest life moment for me. I realized I was going to be a mom to a little girl, who had a name and would soon wear this little piece of clothing. It was not a gift for someone else as they have always been in the past. It was for her. For us. Her itty bitty booty is going to fit into that itty bitty onesie. 

That was moment was a beautiful, quiet and special time for me. I sat alone and took in how wonderful God is to bless us with the opportunity to be parents to little Amelia. 

This experience is one that I will forever cherish. I cannot wait to see that itty bitty booty in that itty bitty onesie...followed by a full on cry.