Monday, September 30, 2013

Desk Essentials for the Working Girl

Desk Essentials for the Working Girl

If you are a working girl like myself and have what some would consider a typical 9-5 desk job, you spend more time sitting there than you do in your own home. (Awake at least.)
I have learned that though it is work, I need to make my space enjoyable.
I have placed a illustrations, a cute calendar and a photo of me and my hubby on my desk and have a drawer where I keep my beauty necessities.

Sometimes it’s the little things on a Monday morning that help your week to feel a little bit sweeter.
Here’s to a great start to October!
I’ll talk to you soon…

Xoxo bd

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Currently Loving: September 26th

Currently Loving: September Edition

Happy Thursday, friends!
Here are a few things I have been loving...and well, let's be honest...pinning.
Oh and guess what, tomorrow's Friday!  Hallelujah, it's been a crazy week at work.
Talk to you soon...
xoxo bd

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Nailed It: A Guide to the At Home Mani

Nailed It: A Guide to the At Home Mani

Nailed It: A Guide to the At Home Mani by lovelybdavis 

If you like to have the pretty hands and nails but are less than enthused on spending $40 every two weeks on a professional manicure, spend that money only once and have your own manicure kit.

Nail Polish Remover: Choose one that is non-acetone as it is not as harsh on your nails and gives way to less peeling.
File & Buff: Use a nail file and buffer set to even out your nail bed from any ridges followed by filing your tips down to the most comfortable length for yourself.
Hand Scrub: Be it a simple at home diy with honey and sugar or one from a store, a scrub will aid in sloughing away dead skin.

This is the fun part. Go wild or stay classic, the nail polish world is your oyster. Also, don't be fooled by pricey varnishes, I have paid $1.99 for some that are better than their $12 counterparts. Bottom line, have fun and wear something that makes you feel confident, be it bright blue or a demure nude.

Top Coat: Choose one that has a fast dry time and a glossy finish. The Sally Hansen one above is my all time favorite.
Cuticle Oil: No one wants cuticles that look haggard and dry. Apply this while you're typing away at the computer so that the oil doesn't transfer to bed linens or clothing.
Moisturize: Use a thick hand cream to hydrate those newly scrubbed hands in a yummy scent so you will always want soft hands.

As a girl who changes her polish a couple of times a week, I have learned the most necessary products and steps to take when giving myself an at home mani. I hope this has been helpful!
I'll talk to you soon...
xoxo bd

Saturday, September 14, 2013

House Sitting

This weekend Adam and I are house sitting for one of my co-workers. No, we are not jumping on the beds and the dog won't be hopping onto the sheets anytime soon, but we sure are having fun. 
{It's our mini getaway}
Throughout my college/single years I house and dog sat like no body's business. Like, straight ballin  a lot.
During the summer months (prime house sitting season) I would stay at other people's homes more than I would my own. It was glorious. I loved new environments, fun animals to play with and having the opportunity to see my city from a different angle. 
This time around we are staying in a log cabin that is set on top of a hill nestled between acres of trees (with wifi, of course) that is only 5 minutes from town. That's a pretty darn great combo, don't you think? Did I mention the weather is going to be amazing?! Hallelujah.

So I'm off to sit and stuff... I'll talk to you soon
xoxo bd

Friday, September 13, 2013

Beauty on a Budget: Blush

Beauty on a Budget: Blush

Beauty on a Budget: Blush Tips

If I were only given three products to use for the rest of my days it would be mascara, concealer and blush. Blush gives instant life and dimension to your face and is for me, a makeup must-have.
Also, let’s be honest, how often do you look at someone and say, “Wow, she’s totally wearing Estee Lauder on her cheeks.”    You don’t…truthfully, with most makeup you can’t decipher whether its drugstore or high-end. As long as you apply it correctly and choose a flattering shade, you will look gorgeous no matter your budget.

Like I stated in the previous Beauty on a Budget: Foundation post, I have tried every one of the above options.  All of ‘em, girl. I don’t want to just throw out random options; I want you to see the products that have great color pay off and are really nice quality. 


Cream: Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush – Tends to go on pretty sheer so don’t be afraid to apply a couple of times to deepen to the shade you are happy with or even go with a more daring shade.
Go for the shades Pink Frosting or Hot Tamale

Matte Powder:  Wet’n’Wild Color Icon – A light hand will do the trick as this blush is quite pigmented, truly a little goes a long way.
Go for the shades Heather Silk or Mellow Wine

Shimmer Powder: Milani Baked Blush gives such beautiful depth with this blush as it has multiple colors that blend into a glow for the cheeks.
Go for the shades Rose D’Oro,  Luminoso, or Berry Amore

A couple other helpful tips:
  • When using cream blush, wash hands prior to applying so that you don’t contaminate the product and so that you are not adding any unnecessary dirt or germs to your face.
  • If you have mature or dry skin, a cream blush may be your best friend as it will add in moisture and tends to give the face a dewy look.
  • If you have acne prone skin, you may want to stay away from products with added shimmer as sometimes they will end up highlighting imperfections as opposed to blurring them.
I hope this has helped in giving you guidance the next time you want to find a new blush! 
Next for Beauty on a Budget, Concealer.

I'll talk to you soon....
xoxo bd