Monday, January 5, 2015

Weekend Edition : No. 1 "Tourists For A Day"

Hello, friends!
It's been a long time since I posted last. Heck, a whole season has come and gone- but instead of reliving that period, I say it's time to move on and share a few pictures of our weekend.

We started off our Friday evening with sushi at a local hole-in-the-wall with two of our closest friends and their sweet boy Ollie. When I say hole in the wall, I mean it's located in a part of town that I never venture in to. The vestibule is so sketchy, the dried up fountain looks like death.... But of their sushi is so fresh and so so good. The reviews on yelp echo the same sentiments, that it's in a shady area and is dimly lit from the road but has some of the best sushi in town. It's a must try if you are willing to give it a go! 

We followed up dinner with coffee at our favorite coffee shop in Franklin, Frothy Monkey. Everyone grabbed a hot drink and we all split an ever so yummy chocolate port cake with cherries soaked in port wine. Divine.
Sweet little Ollie hands!

Our friendship with them is easy- there's no need to keep up appearances or impress one another. We laugh, we are honest and are purely ourselves. I hope they know how much we appreciate their friendship, they are true blue friends.

Saturday was grey and had a constant misty rain fall all day. After shopping every weekend in December and braving the crowds, we opted out of a busy mall and headed to The Frist. If you're not from the Nashville area, The Frist is an art museum in downtown Nashville on Broadway. I had always drivien by and thought, "Oh, I'd love to visit there someday!" but never took the time. 
I had seen a few ads recently that Kandinsky, one of my favorite painters for many years, had pieces that we're being shown for an exhibit until January 4 so I knew that I had to go. I'm so glad that I did. The pieces that I had seen so many times and had posters of on my walls in high school were now right in front of me. I could see the brush stokes from inches away! In walking from room to room I became so excited to see more pieces and learn more about Wassily Kandinski. The India ink drawings were fantastic in their simplicity and I believe my favorites were the ones he painted in his latest years - I fell in love with his works all over again. 

I took a couple of pictures at the beginning of the exhibit but didn't realize it was forbidden so I quickly put my phone away.

After touring around the museum we walked towards downtown and grabbed a bite to eat at Merchant's. Again, a place I, nor Adam had been to before. Aww shucks we are just so darn adventurous! We originally planned to grab a slice of pizza at Luigi's (best $3 slice of pizza after a Predators game) but opted for something new.
I knew I would love it for being black and white with marble tables. I just love me some marble tabletops.

We split the grilled cheese Sammy  and tomatoe soup as well as the grilled chicken sandwich. Definitely the meal of the day- filling and quite decadent considering all of the cheese. 

We walked a couple of miles afterward so we didn't feel so darn full. Merchant's was great overall- quick service and good food. Another must try if you're downtown! ( Oh and their bathrooms were very clean as well! Total bonus)

Sunday we slept in for as long as we could muster and then headed into town to take care of errands. 

We caught the early afternoon showing of "The Imitation Game" which is the story of Alan Touring and both really enjoyed the film. It was smart and witty and we both walked away saying how well we felt Bendict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightly acted. I hear it is getting lots of Oscar buzz and can definitely see why! 

The rest of the evening was spent catching up on household chores and grocery shopping... I'll spare you the stories of folding laundry and catching up on Friends on Netflix. (I'm slightly addicted)

Today was hardly anything to write home about- just a Monday that I am A-O-K to forget about. 

So cheers to a new week, in a new year!

I'll talk to you soon,
Xoxo bd