Thursday, September 23, 2010

Yesterday marked the first day of Autumn! Don't you just love school supplies, like a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils. 
To be quite honest, our weather here is rather toasty and humid at a high of 98 for today. The forcast for this weekend says it should be in the 70's a temperature I've forgotten about. 
A few weeks ago we bought a couple of fall scented candles and can't stop burning them. The warmth of the cinnamon is just so cozy, they make our house feel like a home, you know?  Next few things on the to buy list are pumpkins and fabric to make an orange,yellow, and brown bunting to hang on our porch for Halloween.
Here are some photos that have recently gotten me into the spirit of fall...

Tomorrow after I get off of work we'll be driving back to Nashville for some needed family time. I loved seeing them as often as we did back in the summer so it's due time.
Off to watch Thursday night shows. I'm so glad everything has started up again!
Talk to you soon,

xoxo bd

Monday, September 20, 2010

It's already the 20th of September and I can't remember where this month went.
The heat has yet to relent. Waking up every morning hope rises in my heart that the air will be crisp at a cool 60 degrees but no avail.

As always things around here are pretty tame. Last Wednesday Adam and his law school buddies played flag football with some of the undergrads at U of M and totally beat them, 32-0! That's right! I felt it a little unfair because you've got men in the mid to late 20's, and even 30's against spry little 18/19 year olds. The undergrads were upset but I was so excited! Apparently it happens every Wednesday, go Adam! I took a few pictures of them but because they never stopped moving all the pictures looked blurry. I'll try to get some better ones in a couple of days. 
My work week was crazy (in a bad way) filled with lots of patients and a lack of techs. When Friday came we were nothing but lazy and laid around the house after work. Later on that night we went to Walmart for a few items and came home to watch It's Complicated. 
Saturday we woke up, again in hopes that the weather had lightened up, and went to Cooper Young Festival. The streets were packed with people, crafts and vendors. We never expected for it to be so hot, infact by the end of our time spent walking around we had sun burns. 
A local movie store favorite, Black Lodge Video on the hill

May I note that we only spent 30 minutes outside! While browsing the many booths I spotted one that had linen napkins, cloths and stationary. I fell in love with this cloth which I've since hung on the oven.

We grabbed a bite to eat at one of our Memphis favorites, Young Avenue Deli. 
Tuckered out from the sun we went home to watch football and nap! I do love a good Saturday nap.
Later that night both of us had the most major sweet tooth and it couldn't be controlled! I was craving a cupcake so we ventured to a cupcake shop I had been hearing about for quite some time now, Muddy's.
We honestly didn't expect them to be open at 8:30 but to our surprise there was a line out the door. We knew this place had to be good. We had the best intentions but failed on the diet front and purchased 3 cupcakes, 1 slice of cake and a chocolate chip cookie! We're shameful I know.
Here's a cute card I bought at Muddy's which I will be finding a frame for very soon. Cute!
Cupcakes: Vanilla, Chocolate with Mint Icing & Cinnamon with Cream Cheese
After church yesterday we spent most of the time in our home washing clothes and napping of course. 
We've started a new week and I hope that it treats you well. Happy Monday lovelies!

xoxo .bd

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy Weekend one and all! 
Nothing too fancy planned for this weekend aside from picking a few things up from the store and cleaning the house. Everyday this past week I've wanted to talk a walk or jog around the neighborhood though with the weather still scorching hot and humid that hasn't been the case.
Here's to hoping next week will cool off.
Also another online magazine is launching this month. With the craze over Lonny it has lead me to wanting more and more. I'm already obsessed with periodical's as it is {You should see the stack by my bedside} but now we're graced with Rue Magazine due to premiere this month! 
A great interview all about the wonderful new world of Rue is provided for us through Casa Sugar. Editor in Chief ,Crystal Gentilello, shares all of her insider goods on what we can expect from her new venture! I'm ecstatic!

Keep your eyes peeled for the premier September 16th.
Have a lovely Saturday; treat yourself with something sweet today!
xoxo .bd

Friday, September 10, 2010

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Isn't Kate Bosworth stunning? An absolute representation of what a lady looks like to me. Classic, beautiful and clean. I  have an obsession with all things lady like. I used to read etiquette books for fun for goodness sake. There's something about Jackie O. and Audrey Hepburn that all women seem to gravitate towards and I think it's because they had the utmost class. They were put together at all times, something my Mamma taught me :) . My desire is to be gracious and elegant

Having quite a girlie night while hubby is at a friends apartment watching the Saints game!
Sometimes I need a little alone time to watch one of my guilty pleasure shows, like Housewives of DC and do my nails. Oh and on top of my pampering I made some pasta with alfredo sauce and peas, I mean can you get more girlie? Okay maybe a glass of wine....yes that would be perfect.
Our week hasn't been too exciting like usual it's school and work. The weather has started to lighten up and the leaves are slowly changing.
I'm excited for fall to come for a visit, a long long visit I hope. This summer has been oh so brutal not to mention brutal on our wallets. Our MLGW (Memphis Light Gas Water) bill was astronomical that has lead us to cutting back like crazy. But as I said, I'm looking forward to fall not only for the cooler breezes, chai lattes, and scarf wearing but also for our bills to go down. Can I hear an amen?
Tomorrow will begin a wonderful weekend , have a lovely nights sleep!
xoxo .bd

{Photo Credits: Pretty Stuff & Kate Arends}

Monday, September 6, 2010

Like I said, I take lots of pictures and wind up not posting them. Shame shame!
Here is my past week in pictures, enjoy!

Last Sunday our good friend, Mogy invited us to join him at a kosher bar b q competition held at his synagogue. As Mogy is a fellow law school student he wanted to have a booth where U of M Law was represented aptly named "Legal Tender". There was roughly 7 of us who helped with cooking the ribs and beans. Lots of businesses around town including families who regularly attend the synagogue all came out of support the event.

Saturday was a glorious day in the Davis household. That's right LSU played UNC and my husband is a die hard LSU fan with blankets, shirts, hats, playing cards, coozies, you name it! In honor of this we invited friends over to watch the game. There was tons of snack foods, beer and testosterone. All of the guys were nice enough to bring something. As you can see our fridge held more than apples and salad once 7 o'clock hit.
And of course the guys in the backyard hanging out and grilling pre game. 
I regret not taking pictures of them screaming at the television as it was quite a sight. Those buys are enthusiastic and also nice enough to explain the game to me.

Yesterday I heard from Heather Gray a friend from Nashville who was in town for the weekend with her husband Bob whose artwork was being featured at the Heritage Art Festival. For the past 5 years his work has been used for the festival and on top of that it is featured on the side of a large building off of Union.  We stopped by on this beautiful afternoon to say hello and walk around.
Beale Street was also pretty packed as you can see! And on a Sunday afternoon no less!

For Better & For Worse

Oh my word I'm not too good at updating as often as I'd like. 
So so much happens in a week and though I take pictures I end up not posting them. With my schedule slowing down for a little while now I'm hoping to get back to my regular blogging self.

The time we've had back in our lovely little place has been the best and the worst. The two of us joke that the month of August and this city hate us. At least that's how it seems and let me say, I'm elated it's September for that very reason. 
If you go back to some of my posts from last August you'll read of how our car broke down on us with costly costly repairs needed, the a/c in our house went out the day we moved in and the list goes on. Then rolls around August 2010 as we're headed back from our summer in Nashville. We were undoubtedly in a bubble with the comfort of our parents taking care of us, almost as if time stopped. A couple of days into being back we hear bad news about tax issues I've had with a previous employer. So much so that we could end up owing $1200+ which we didn't have nor should we have had to owe it either. That following Saturday as we arrive home from the grocery store we find that we cannot take the key out of the ignition.  Note: Memphis is not a city where you can leave your keys in the car.  The car would run fine and would also turn off, we just couldn't release the key. Apparently that never happens and we're an anomaly in the Honda world. Of course we are, cause we're that lucky. We ended up finding someone who was a specialist to fix the problem that saved us half of what we would have spent elsewhere. (Thank you Earl!!) 
Fast forward one week later, again with groceries in tow, our car won't start. Turns out it's the ignition switch and the starter. 
That was it. I had reached my limit. I can't tell you how many times I cried that day and the next. How can we afford this? How will I get to work? How will Adam get to school? My eyes were sore from tears and our hearts were worn out. We needed relief.
It was tough to say the least and our new friend Earl was pretty much on speed dial for those two weeks. He once again fixed the problem at an affordable rate in a timely manner.
On that same day I had a meeting with the IRS to finalize all of the previously stated issues. As you can see we felt loaded down. But there was good news, if it were a case of win/lose I guess you could say we won. Such a weight was lifted off of our backs, thank you Jesus!
At the end of the day we have each other, a home with food in the fridge, clean sheets and a roof over our heads. We're healthy and blessed with families who jumped at the chance to help us.
Throughout all of it we knew we had one another to lean on. I couldn't have done it without Adam, he is my rock and encourager. 
We know that God's plan is larger than our own and beyond our comprehension. He has helped us grow as a couple faster and stronger than I think we would have if everything was just fine and dandy. We count these struggles as character builders. For better and for worse, right?
If you took the time to read this depressing post, thank you! I promise a happier one will follow.
xoxo .bd