Sunday, November 15, 2009

{Post from Saturday November 14th}

This week has flown by and I have definitely been lacking in the updates.
Though our car battery died on us yesterday afternoon the weekend has treated us well. In an effort to save money I made cinnamon pancakes with turkey bacon instead of us going to get donuts. I figured since I made them with soy milk we were taking the healthy route. Okay so maybe topping the pancakes with syrup didn't help the health factor...but to my credit, it was reduced sugar! 
Being that we don't have an excess amount of money, much like everybody these days, I have opted out of $50 hair cuts for an at-home "do".  The other day after work I went to Sally's Beauty Supply to purchase a hair razor so that both of us can't save an extra few dollars every month. {Ohhh but how I miss having my hair done.}Maybe after the new year I'll have some money saved for a little hair treat : )
Later that night I went into the bathroom and layered my hair. Surprised at how it's not lopsided I'm happy with the outcome and glad I took the risk!
I must be off to the kitchen, I'm making a creamy pesto to go on top of our pasta for dinner.
Enjoy the rest of this Saturday night, we'll be watching movies and baking cookies.

Post Script: Why was it in the 70's today? I would love nothing more than a cold fall day!

{Photo Credit: Jenifer Altman}

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