Sunday, November 15, 2009

It's 9:15 on Sunday evening and I'll my head will be hitting the pillow very soon.
We've had a wonderful day so far, visited another church this morning that is quite big but they have a new worship service and a young married couples Bible study group. We'll probably visit that class as one of Adam's friends from Law School goes there with his wife. Our main desire is to connect with people/couples in the same walk of life as the too of us and we hope to find a church that will help us to do just that.
I made a list this morning of all the things I had to do for the day, more like what I should be doing because I've put it off for the past week.

1. Wash Clothes

2. Clean out Car

3. Move Plants Off Porch

4. Trim Hedges

5. Shake out sheets on bed
{Martha Stewart suggests it on her weekly reminder task sheet, so I figured it should be done}
Time to attack the to-do's... 
Adam started to wear the t-shirts from the bottom of the drawer, you know the old ones you have from 5 years ago that you don't have the heart to throw away but the wife despises? Yeah, those. So I knew it was time to wash. And there were folded clothes in the hamper from a while ago that needed to be put away. You see my reasoning for this to-do list? If I didn't write it down, it may not be done. All have been washed, folded, put away and hung up. {Check off #1}

All but one of our mums have died that were on our front porch so I had to throw them away. (Obviously they didn't die because of my lack of watering them...right? Of course.) Easy to take care of, I swept the porch, steps and walk way for extra house care points. {Check off #3}
Seeing as we don't have hedge clippers/sheers I had to use my handy dandy office scissors. I know I may have looked odd in my dress and tights trimming the bushes in front of our little house with regular scissors, but really it gives us charm. Yes, charm! {Check off #4}
As you can put together there were 2 items on the list I didn't accomplish but they're small and I'll take care of them tomorrow.  Remember, if something doesn't happen the way you plan:

{Red Letter Words}

Martha Stewart has some handy check lists on her website that cater to cookie swap organizing to checklists for houseguests and daily chores. Here are a couple that I've tried to keep up with these past few weeks.

I hope you have a wonderful start to this new week we're about to begin! Here's to keeping up our promises.

{Photo Credits: Martha Stewart}

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