Sunday, November 22, 2009

Much Ado About Sunday

Our tiny living room is lit up by 3 lamps and 'The Santa Claus' on tv. The two of us love the holiday season, Christmas especially, and start the festivities early. We've already started to compile our Christmas music mix and have watched The Polar Express 3 times in the past week. Obsessive?Absolutely not.
For instance, my first Christmas photo : {before thanksgiving, of course}

You know how Martha has that one task about washing your kitchen trash can every week? You see, to me that's a wee bit much but after Adam and I walked into the house this afternoon and smelt the stench of last nights dinner scraps I through out the rubbage and washed away. Yes, I filled the plastic container with piping hot water and some bleach then let sit for a while outside. I scrubbed the lid then set it aside to dry. I felt so accomplished at my random cleaning act I decided to clean the outside of all our cabinets and vaccuum allll the baseboards. {They were atrocious! Dust and dirt were dancing all about our baseboards, it was due time. Surrsly} I'm just sayin, when I get in the mood to clean, I'm on it. Crazy Lysol chick comin through. Watch out, I just might disinfect your butt...and dust your toes. Ooooh oooh and I hung pictures just as I'd hoped.  Okay okay okay, enough of household chores that are less that blog-desirable and onto the rest of the evening.
I hope you have a lovely start of this 3 day work week :)

{Top Photo Credit: Hey Missy}

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