Saturday, November 7, 2009

How I adore Saturdays, let me count the ways! As a small tradition for the two of us, Adam and I go to our local doughnut shop for our crossword puzzle and a goody for the weekend. He'll wake up in a bit and we'll head out for the morning but I wanted a small post for now.
Yesterday morning we found out about a blessing which has absolutely blessed us and helped to relax the anxiety we had grown accustomed to. {Thank you Jesus, you reign! You are mighty and you take care of us no matter the circumstance!}
We decided to celebrate by having a little date night with Adam buying his favorite beer and I with a new bottle of wine! Now just so you know, I don't like to spend lots of money on wine. I'm still acquiring a taste for it and find no reason in spending $20-$50 on a bottle if I just end up making a sour face and not drinking it again. So we walk into the wine store and as I'm about to pick up my old faithful, Hogue, I see a cute bottle down the isle.
"So cute!", I kept saying! "But will I like it? Do you think I would like a red?" Let me tell you, I have had NO luck with red wines, though after having every person in the store reccommend it as their newest favorite (they got it in the night before and had a taste testing), I was sold!

       Isn't that such a great way to start off your weekend, a good glass of wine? We came home and snuggled up on the couch to watch Medium and a movie which I eventually fell asleep to.
I think I'll post a lovelier post later on today with prettier pictures, but for now I'll hop in the shower. 

{Photos: Jam Jar, Garance Dore}

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