Friday, August 17, 2012

The Cozy Guestroom

I was browsing through Pinterest {Big, whopping surprise of the century, I know} and I came upon that little ditty up there. I love to go on vacation. Period. I love to relax in a room with freshly fluffed pillows and carpets that were vacuumed by someone other than myself. Does that sound weird? Does anyone else feel that way?
So off with my rambling, I love the water-colored guestroom painting. 
It appeals to me in so many ways and I'm not sure why. Maybe it is all of the details put together for a perfectly relaxing stay. Maybe it's exactly what I would enjoy while staying over at someone else's home.
Maybe I need to invite more people over to stay and this is my inspiration.
Whatever I choose to like more, I have come to the conclusion that our guestroom needs a little more attention...guests and decor! Does this mean I have a legitimate excuse to buy beautiful flowers? I sure hope so...
Have a lovely {cozy} weekend, I'll talk to you soon!
xoxo bd

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