Thursday, August 30, 2012

Today we are talking about my home and the changes I hope to make! A few things to keep in mind are that we moved in a few months ago, we are renters and are not allowed to paint. We are still settling in and are trying not to make quick purchases just to satisfy an empty space. I would like to make quality purchases and grow our sense of style. With that said, I have edited my photos with ideas on what we I have in mind. Let's be honest, my husband doesn't care too much whether we having a gilded mirror or a plastic poster frame. Okay maybe he does...but that's besides the point. Moving on!
Today I will share the bottom floor (We live in a townhouse) and will save the bedroom spaces for next time.
Here's what it looks like as you walk in our front door. There is a large window to your left which brings in beautiful light at all hours of the day. I'm not content with our furniture as we have lots of mix and match pieces. This is what happens when you are newly or semi-newly married. You gather pieces from your aunt, parents, clearance section from TJ Maxx, strangers and your college dorm room. Lovely.
I'm thinking about an L-Shaped couch in the future but for now, it's in need of something on the walls.
If you turn to the right you will see this placement of furniture. I have arranged them in different orders about the room and this is what I came up with. Again, mix and match pieces from different times in our lives.

I absolutely love the flow of the downstairs area. If I'm in the kitchen cooking or doing dishes, I can still see what Adam has on the TV. I also love that there is so much light. This was taken at one of the dark times of day with not a single light on and it is still so bright. 
Welcome to the kitchen area. Definitely need to add some accessorizing in here! 
Now you are in the kitchen! It is perfect for two people and we have ample cabinet space that has yet to be filled. I like that the counter tops are dark, as well as the cabinets and floor. 
There's not much to show with this corner of the kitchen, just giving you an idea of the space. 
 If you turn yourself right around you will be met with this beauty of a wall. Not a whole lot that we can do  at this point, so I thought about a wall of plates on the right hand side.
I must add that I adore those two closets. You could easily fit 2-3 people in both closets with room to wiggle. 

That's it for the first floor, thank you for joining me at my home! I apologize for the lighting, I took the pictures with my phone on a whim yesterday as I was mopping  (thus the shiny kitchen floors). If you have any ideas, tips, or tricks, I would love to hear them!
I'll talk to you soon...
xoxo bd

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