Thursday, August 2, 2012

The September Issue

This month has never been my favorite as it is the absolute worst for southerners as far as weather goes. It’s humid and hot; you will always look less than cute is really what this month should be called. …June, July, You will always look less than cute, September, October, November…
But alas I’m here and I must make the best of it. Though the weather may bog me down I always have something I look forward to in August…The September Issue. With every one of my favorite magazines the September issue will chronicle all of the coming fall/winter trends.  Give me a bottle of wine, a cozy blanket and my magazines- I’ll be okay and ready to conquer the world.
Here are just a few I’m  looking forward to reading cover to cover:

Have a lovely Thursday; I’ll talk to you soon!
Xoxo bd

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