Thursday, August 9, 2012

Desk Envy

Monday thru Friday, for close to 40 hours a week, I am sitting at a desk. 
{First things first, thank you Jesus for consistent work and pay!}
 I enjoy my job and love the people I work with but there’s no doubt this desk starts to look a little drab day after day.  Sometimes you need inspiration even if you are editing a spread sheet. 
I have a pretty pencil cup and have posted a few inspirational quotes about my little space, but I have been thinking about making it a little more “me”. I understand this isn’t my living room so there isn't any picture hanging in order but you know…some zhuzhing. A little oomph if you will.
I now present you with desk envy!

The one piece I have seen throughout all of these photos is that every desk has flowers. Be it a couple of buds or a full blown bouquet, these desks have a little life on them. I do believe I will gather a few flowers for my desk this coming week. 
I hope your Thursday has been lovely! Ours started off quite stormy with a sudden downpour of rain and lightening but it has become so beautiful as the day has gone on.
I will talk to you tomorrow... TGIF.
xoxo bd

{Photos Courtesy of Pinterest}

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