Monday, August 13, 2012

Blushing Monday

A little late in the day, I am in bed after a shower and am sitting next to a very handsome man, might I add.
Glanced at a couple of photos and wanted to post them on this blog for personal eye candy. You've got to love a slew of blush roses growing over a doorway and Olivia Palermo's impeccable style.

I hope you had a lovely weekend! I spent the better part of Saturday cleaning and organizing while the Mr. played golf. I know it must sound like we live in the 50's but I promise, we're just not that exciting.
Sunday we were with both families filling up on delicious meals and catching up on life. 
Monday has come and passed so here's to another great week. 
Oh, by the way, if you are in the middle TN area right now, can you believe this weather? It's amazing! I want to drink it in as much as possible. 
I think its time to bid you goodnight...
xoxo bd

{Photo Credits: One & Two}

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