Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Monday Monday

Once again we've started another week bringing forth a cold front to the western part of the state.
I was happy to have the 60 degree weather and think of the fun that spring brings in but I shouldn't have been so fooled, it is still January and the snow has yet to really fall. Infact a "snow storm" is in the forecast for Thursday which will most likely be a few flurries with grocery stores sold out of milk and bread.
          In other news, tomorrow will be our 6 month anniversary. Can you believe how fast these months have gone by? We were talking about it today on the way home from the grocery store and we're glad that the stress of the wedding weighing on us has now left. I kid you not, there was probably more worry about rain, tents, cake, and hay bales than glee over the life we were about to start together. As much as I would love to go back to our honeymoon and walking around the streets of San Francisco I wouldn't take away what we have now. We have our little routines, we cook together and read our books in bed at night- watch 'Castle' on Mondays and and and....I love what we have. He's my best friend and love! So here's to the next 6 months and 60 years :)
With all this talk of chilly days to come I dream of what will keep me style.

I just can't stand it when I see girls in baggy sweat pants and ugg boots. Take five minutes to throw on a beautiful scarf, button up a boyfriend blazer and pull boots on. I meannnn c'mon. But that's just me, Adam says I'll get ready to go to the post office and it's true. Always look your best, soap is cheap and water's free.
{I'm off the soap box now}
Keep cozy tonight, I hope to update tomorrow with pictures I've actually taken. {Oh yes, btw I found my camera!!} I'm trying to organize our guestroom closet. Believe me it's bad.
Okay g'night!
xoxo .betsydavis

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