Saturday, January 16, 2010

Glamour Poste

Happy Weekend!

First of all I must state that no matter what I do to savor every bit of my days off, they inevitably slip away from me. I'm trying my best to relish this day and remember to chill out. So many of my days are filled with worrying about getting this or that done, cleaning there and not forgetting to do...____ {You fill in the blank}.
So here I am relishing 
As of now my nails are painted, the shoes have been purchased as have the little necklace to top it off.
Sadly I cannot find my camera, after searching high and low it's no where to be seen making me hope that I left it at one of our parent's houses. Tonight I'll be taking pictures via my phone and hope to post them tomorrow if not in a couple of days.
In honor of this special night {Note: I never went to prom and the only other day I got to dress up was my wedding} I'm making this entry my glamour poste.

{Bottom of the Ironing Basket}

{Little Glamour}


{Bottom of the Ironing Basket}

Have a wonderful Saturday evening in whatever adventure you have on the town or snuggling up to a good book.

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