Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy Weekend

Happy Weekend, One and all!
Lots of things have gone on this past week leaving me every night wishing I had made a post to update. But alas I was lazy and one night fell into bed around 8:30.
Now that it is January the cold has hit hard on us southerners as well as across the states. Thursday we had our first snow here in Memphis and also as married couple. I had hoped with all of my heart that it would mean work was cancelled and we could stay inside all day reading and watching movies, though it didn't and off we went at 7:30 am in the blistering cold. No really, was around10 degrees. A long long story short, after Adam dropped me at work on his way home ran over ice and drove into an embankment. By the grace of God's hand he, nor the car, was hurt badly and had the ability to back out {with steering shot} and make it to an auto shop.
The two front axels were broken and a slight oil leak we had previously turned into gushing with a messed up tire rim to boot. The men at the auto place were wonderful having our car pretty much fixed within a couple of hours. In order to get a new tire rim at an affordable price we had to drive to Arkansas to pick one up and have them replace it. Don't worry, Arkansas is relatively 15 minutes away although with our tire being as it was it took more like an hour and a half rather than 30 minutes for a round trip. In the end we are beyond blessed to have a perfectly working vehicle.
In other news, the Davis's will be attending a gala next Saturday evening. The new law school building opened up on Wednesday which we toured that will be holding the black tie event. I'll have a separate update later but I must insert that I've already found my dress! Now all we have left are my shoes, jewelery and Adam's tux. These are big girl things it feels like. Only big girls go to galas....I'm not a big girl, am I?
Alright I'm off to start the day, a shower in most definitely in order.
Have a lovely weekend and keep warm!

{Photo credit: Dress Design Decor}

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