Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Before I settle into bed to finish my book (I've already bought the sequel!) I wanted to make a quick post.
Last week I was told from a friend at work about a little Italian restaurant close to our house, Old Venice, that has Wednesday 1/2 price wine night. Let's just say when they gave us the warm bread and olive oil with spices followed by a glass of White Zinfandel I was in heaven. 
 There's something so special about a random night of the week suddenly made into a date with my love...and to boot, wine!
On another note, with the change of every season I get the inkling to do something different with myself. Literally,
"do". After seeing lots of styles I've grown quite fond of these:

You know, something with volume...

Photo Credits:
{1} Dace - Spring Collection 2010
 {2}Jessica Stam in Numéro Korea October 09 by Mariano Vivanco.
Top Photo: Elle via Definitely Golden

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