Monday, January 18, 2010

A quick little update with just a few pictures from Saturday evening.
We had a wonderful time and were greeted as we walked through the doors with a glass of champagne, what a great way to start. Yes Please! The entire law school was crowded with people of every age dressed to the nine's. There were orchids EVERYWHERE followed by candles, harpists and violinists. They waited on us hand and foot asking if we'd like more of this or a taste of their specialty food. I was able to catch up with a few friends and am very happy for my lovely friend, Allison. Girl you know what I'm talking about ;)
Overall the night was a hit and everyone seemed to have a blast.
Unfortunately I still cannot find my camera so I can only provide you with a few random shots from our friend Mogy.

{Kevin, Eric & Adam}

At the end of the night both of our feet were killing us. I broke in 6 inch high heeled pumps which I'm now realizing may have been a mistake. None the less we dined on some of the best restaurant food Memphis has to offer, not to mention all of the wine, champagne, and liquor you could consume. I ran, well actually a lady ran into me, that night who may have gone too far with her drinking. It was a moment that I won't forget helping me to keep in mind how I never want to look; drunk and classless.
Was that mean? I'm sorry.

Adam told me that this was the first of many gala's we'll be be honest, I can't wait!
We ended the night pretty early by reading our books and munching on mcdonald's fries.
{So much for resolutions!}
xoxo .betsydavis

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