Monday, October 29, 2012


I am back from a long weekend filled with family, friends and celebrations! My best girlfriend got married in our hometown of Mobile, AL and I was a lucky bridesmaid. 
Well, it was more like Daphne, AL...but let's not get too technical. 
Here's a mini back story (or not so mini) on our friendship. 
 Holli and I met in 3rd grade and as a class project had to write a story about one another. She now notes her love for me developed when I threw up on the most popular/mean girl in our class. Lunch was a bologna sandwich with a pickle and juice. 'Nuff said.
We quickly became friends and did what 9 year old's do best; we soured the woods behind my house, had sleepovers, listened to Hanson, swam...and then I moved. At the end of 3rd grade my family moved to North Carolina and we didn't see each other until 7th grade. Cue childhood tears and heartbreak over leaving a new found bff-for-eva! (This was 1997 people, think broken heart friendship necklaces from Limited Too) 
We kept in touch by writing letters to each other, a practice I'm still surprised we did as kids, and talking on the phone. I have a photo locked away of us meeting back up for the first time to see a movie together. Horrible bangs for both of us, just insert ill fitting clothes and we were 12 year old gems!
Whenever my family would visit  Mobile I always made it a point to see Holli. As we got older and were able to drive we made more trips to catch up. By this time my family had made another move to Nashville and by our senior year she expressed her love for music city. In 2009 she made her move to Tennessee. We shared a bed for a couple of months and shared some of the most life changing moments with each other. Tears over cupcakes, first boyfriends, crazy employers; I think you get the picture.
Sadly, by the end of the summer I would be moving away, again, as Adam and I moved to Memphis after our wedding. (Not the wedding or Adam, of course.)
I must add that that girl was nothing short of amazing in helping me plan, laugh and get over wedding drama and jitters. I can't really put into a small blog what that girl means to me. She has been with me through what seems like everything.
We later moved back to the area and were reunited as co-workers. We dredged through cleaning toilets and even vacuuming sheets together.
Last year around this time she had gone through a breakup and  the feelings of, "Will I ever meet the one? When will I be done with this dating crap?" She was heartbroken and darn tired of things not working out. Little did she know she was a couple of months away from meeting her husband. 
As the first week of January was coming to a close, she met Justin. By March they were engaged and as of Saturday night they were married. A whirlwind romance! 
If ever there were a match for Holli, its Justin. He treats her like a queen. He showers her with love and affection she so greatly deserves and had been without for so long. I do approve of her choice, he is an amazing guy!
In Holli I have found a true friend...even after totaling her car. I feel so lucky to know her and to call her my friend. My best friend. In the past year I have seen her blossom into such a beautiful and classy woman. Seeing that she is not one to enjoy being the center of attention, it was so fitting to see her and Justin celebrated. Everyone at the wedding must have felt like it was their best friend up there getting married. That is what is so special about Holli, she treats you as though you are her closest confident.
I love that girl and always will. 
Here's to you Mrs. Laffer!
xoxo bd

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