Monday, October 15, 2012

Sunday Date Day

Holy moly, it is officially the middle of October!  This month is flying by and it feels like Thanksgiving is just around the corner. I would really love to slow things down a bit and enjoy my days more but when you are in a building for 8 hours in a day and the sun begins to go down as you leave, the time only seems to speed up. May I also mention that these weekends feel like a flash in the pan?
We have a weekend routine that begins with dinner at Adam’s parents’ home and ends on Sunday with lunch with my family. We usually take Saturday as our date/errand/cleaning day but this Saturday my brother, sister-in-law Amber and our new niece, Charlotte came for their first visit to the grandparents’ home. My dad grilled out, my mom made a cake and we all took turns holding little Charlotte. She’s a hard one to put down; all you want to do is cuddle with her!  We ooh’d and ahhh’d at everything she did from a simple sneeze to her sleeping. We are in the palm of her teensy hands…wrapped around those precious fingers!
So… being that we spent all of Saturday soaking up sweet family time, we knew by Sunday morning that we needed some “us” time.  Sunday date day it was!
After talking about where to eat for lunch, Adam mentioned a craving for burgers and thus our decision was made, Burger Up!
And here we are...being all..."taking pictures in a restaurant...cause this will go up on a blog later"

Their stance is, the more local, humanely treated and grass fed, the better. Everything from their cheese to their sauces are either homegrown local or freshly made in store. Yep. It’s good stuff.

See what I mean? They even make their own ketchup….those fancy pants people!
I ordered the Turkey Burger with Avocado and the Mr ordered the Woodstock. 

We both became pretty quiet once the plates arrived. I mean, hello warm, juicy burger-ness! But, just in case you woud like to eat there but would rather not eat meat, they have a quinoa and black bean burger, salmon burger and lots of other veggie options. 
You should definitely check them out if you are in the Cool Springs or Nashville area!
The rest of our day was just as nice but flew by way too quickly.
I absolutely love spending time with that man! When our weeks are full of work, house stuff and extra work followed by busy weekends, I cherish what I can get with just the two of us. I’ll end the mushy paragraph here and will sign off for now.
I hope you had a lovely weekend and are having a great start to your week.
Talk to you soon!
Xoxo bd

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