Friday, October 5, 2012

Clean Freak

Do you ever have those days when, for some strange reason, you have the urge to conquer the world?  By conquer the world I mean clean your home from top to bottom? Here's where it all got started:
Yesterday while at work I got a call from Adam that he would be working late on a case. The "hrrumph" set in for a minute as I love spending as much time with him as I can but then I realized.... I can clean! 
Not shop. Not watch guilty pleasure shows for 3 hours straight. Not take a bubble bath. 
No...just clean.
What happens in the time between when I get home from work and when he does is that I tend to get a lot of housework done but when he steps in the door I just want to hang out. I guess that's a good thing for the relationship but it tends to leave a load of laundry in the wash overnight. 
Okay so maybe we'll just call that lazy. I call it quality time with the hubs.
So when I had the chance to buckle down, I went for it. My neighbors must have thought I was on drugs for how quickly I was in and out of our house from cleaning our windows to trimming the mums to taking out the trash....ahhh 
Are you bored yet? Yeah...sorry, I'll get started. 
The first task I'll share with you is the refrigerator. It all started with my loading the dishwasher and I thought I'll take some of the tupperware containers out of the fridge and toss them in as well. Dun dun dun...
10. Did you see that number? 10. There were 10 freaking random tupperware containers left in the fridge (probably since about 1993) with everything from moldy strawberries to last weeks pot roast. Yeah, I'll spare you the rest of the stinky details. I decided it was high time to clean out the fridge. 
Once I took the tupperware out I felt like our fridge was empty. For shame on me. 

You see that nastiness? I'm not sure what it was to be honest. That bottom area is where we keep the fruits and veggies so it's not from raw meat or juice. Gross, right?
Sort of looks like an upside down Florida, doesn't it? That's besides the point...
Time to lay thine crap on the counter. That was only half of it by the way.
See that spray? That's parsley plus and it is my absolute favorite cleaner. Whether you are into being "green" or just like a more friendly smelling spray, this is the best in my book.
You can purchase it HERE.
 Hello pretty! Oh, did you notice the zombie sun drop? 
Still a bunch of condiments in the door but much more organized.

I'm sure you enjoyed your time touring the underworld of where we keep our food but it has been a while since I talked about my weird love of cleaning.

I  have a long weekend ahead of me which I am oh-so grateful for!
Thank goodness it's friday :)
I'll talk to you soon....
xoxo bd

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