Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Great Outdoors

It’s that time of year again when I get the itch to go into the mountains. After living in Western North Carolina (near Asheville) for 4 years, my heart had grown to love the scenic surroundings and misses them often.  Since moving we would visit at least once a year to spend time with my grandfather but now he is living with my parents and our “vacation home” is no longer. This is what happens as the leaves change, the air becomes crisp and the days grow colder; I want to be in the mountains.

This morning I pondered the idea of driving back to Asheville for a weekend getaway. I start totaling up the cost of gas, hotel, food, Starbucks of course…and well…it got a little steep. So I figured we may start planning a trip closer to home but in the smoky mountains. We are thinking of camping in Cades Cove; some place serene and beautiful. We don’t own a single camping item so we will have to round up things here and there…if all else fails, I would like to rent a bare bones cabin with a wood burning stove. Think flannel blankets, board games, hot chocolate, warm fire....

If ever there was a time of year for camping, it’s now. Though most might count me out as a rustic gal, I sure do love sleeping under the stars and cooking breakfast over an open fire. {Read: Once in a while}

I hope this is keeping you cozy and possibly fueling a fire to go camping yourself.
Talk to you soon...
xoxo bd

{Photo Credits: This Rustic Life}

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