Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Style Crush: Lauren Conrad

Lets talk Style Crush: Lauren Conrad
I have never done a Style Crush segment but thought Lauren Conrad would be the perfect person to start with.
Ever since her days as LC on Laguna Beach I have had a love affair with her wardrobe and hair. I envied her bold move to LA to intern for Teen Vogue while going to fashion school and living with roommates and staying up late and painting nails and going out and….well let’s just say, when I was younger I wanted to be just like her. I made sure my Tivo was set for every episode of The Hills until its very last episode. 
As I type this I feel slightly stalker-ish but I know most girls my age were the exact same way. We all gossiped about the show over the weekends from Jason to Brody.
 Now as an adult I love to browse Pinterest for her latest outfit and have tried my mightiest to conquer that ever popular cat-eye with my eyeliner.  Did I mention when I walk into Kohl’s I walk to her clothing racks first? Yeah…now I just sound obsessed.  I better move on…

What I’m getting at is no matter my age, be it 14 or 24, I still have a total style crush on Lauren Conrad.
When I saw a tweet at the beginning of the year that her newest book, “Beauty”, would be out in October I got so very excited and couldn’t wait to read it. Lo-and-behold I ordered my very own copy today for a steal at only $14. Thank you Amazon!

Also, next Sunday the newest issue of Allure with Ms. Conrad as the cover girl will be on the stands. Check out that amazing Dior skirt! Christmas, please??

 I hope you have a beautiful and stylish day :) Talk to you soon..
xoxo bd

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