Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What a crazy past week.
With finding out that my mom would be taking a sudden mission trip to Guatemala and hearing one of my bestest bestest friends in the world would be visiting I had no idea what else would come. The entire work week past by pretty quickly and I can't even remember anything special that happened. Here comes Friday! After cleaning all afternoon Holli arrived in Memphis since her first visit exactly 1 year ago that day. Funny, right? We went out for margaritas and munched on chocolate covered strawberries before all hitting the bed. In the middle of the night we hear sirens going off, tornado sirens. The weather was horrible. Llightning struck up and down our street multiple times accompanied by lots of thunder. Though the rain fell hard it wasn't more than we were used to except for the news we were hearing about Nashville. Never in a million years did we expect the flooding.

With paths of destruction left by mother nature I was and am deeply saddened to see what my lovely Franklin looks like. Watching the news I couldn't have been more shocked by the rising waters in places where there should never be 4 feet of rain. The cool springs mall is flooded and a kid is kyaking down Hillsboro road. What? Really? This can't be happening! My heart sank.
Luckily both mine and Adam's families are safe with their homes unharmed.  But as I mentioned earlier my mom took an impromptu trip to Guatemala with her church in Murfreesboro. They left the middle Tennessee area by 4 am. From what I know she, with her team, are in the dark about whats going on back home.  Pray for them as they help little children and care for those who are sick. Pray that their hearts will be soft but their faith unwavering. Pray for the families on the trip whose homes and belongings may be damaged from the storms who have no idea. She arrives on Sunday afternoon so I ask you please pray their flights are safe.

The rest of the weekend Holli and I spent shopping for bridesmaid dresses, reading books at Barnes and Noble, talking relationships, sipping on starbucks and even Costco! Weird how not so far away people were suffering while we piddled on with our time.
Holli's roommate Jennifer and her friend Carly ended up staying with us for a night as the roads were too blocked to drive back. Lovely girls who I had the pleasure to host were wonderful to get to know. I hope they enjoyed Memphis!
Here's  to a new week. A week where things can only go up.
xoxo .bd

{Photo Credit: ABF}

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