Friday, May 7, 2010

Oh isn't it fantastic? Can't you smell it in the air? Can't you feel it?
What's fantastic is the immense amount of sleep I'll be getting tonight.
The smell is of the downy from my pillowcases which my head will lie heavy on.
And the feeling is my toes scrunching the sheets from the bottom of the bed. GLORIOUS SLEEP!
Today a patient replied to me very matter of fact after asking what I was looking forward to tomorrow,
"You know, women like to sleep a lot. My wife likes to sleep and so does my daughter." does one respond to a comment like that? I awkwardly moved on to another I'm about to do right about now.

In other news I have my husband back! In truth he never went away, of course, but his mind was elsewhere.
His mind was set on Criminal Procedure and Secured Transactions. A little Evidence and Civil Rights with a hefty dose of Commercial Paper. Yes it was finals week and my hot husband did nothing but study until 3 in the morning everyday. Being the wife of a law school student isn't easy, in fact sometimes it sucks. Most nights are spent with both of us on the couch but one with a pile of horn books and papers in their lap. That person would be Adam.
He always works to the best of his ability and tells me all the time he's doing this for our future. I know this. I know this. I know this! But sometimes I want him to work to the best of his ability at a game of scrabble with me. And now the time is here. Praise the Lamb for summer break!
Well I think my wish has come true, we're going to make dinner together and watch
the  end of Crazy Heart.
Have a good nights rest
xoxo .bd

{Photo Credit: Bienenkiste}

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