Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A little purple, please

 One of the luxuries Adam and I are given at this time in our lives is flexibility. 
The beauty of that flexibility is we were granted the opportunity to come back "home" to be with our families until August. Last summer was spent crazily planning for the wedding, a place to live and a job for myself in Memphis. Now we are able to relax and enjoy the little things.
Today my mom and I will spend time together by picking up a few necessities and purchasing a new pair of frames for myself! I have worn the same frames since I was 16, because of the wear and tear they have now fallen apart. I've used electrical tape and regular clear tape but no luck. 
I cherish this time we've been given to truly truly enjoy the relationships we have with our families. I so dearly love my mom and the ability to hang out with her!

Have a lovely Tuesday, friends!
xoxo .bd
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