Monday, February 1, 2010

{kids sledding down the lawn of a local high school}

{Our window covered in ice} 

{Our windshield}

{Every branch and limb encased in ice}

{Sidewalks covered in thick ice}

After spending most of the weekend inside due to the snow storm I have to say I'm glad that the ice has melted.
We woke up Saturday morning both having cabin fever and wanting to get out of the house.
Initially we thought to take the car out but as you can see above our windows were covered with a thick layer of ice topped by a couple of inches of snow. There wasn't any kind of defrosting that could get our car on the road. Still itching to do something we decided to start walking and ended up a few miles down the road at Barnes and Noble to look at magazines, a burrito at Taco Bell and a warm chai for the walk back home.
As you can see in the last photo the sidewalks didn't give way to any traction and Adam slipped a lot because of his shoes but no scrapes or bruises.
The rest of the weekened we didn't do much as church was canceled. I took the opportunity to clean every inch of the house because a plumber was coming today and Directv as well.
Alrighty off for the night, I hope you have a wonderful Monday evening!
xoxo .betsydavis

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