Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How long has it been since I last posted, a week maybe? Shame shame.
I'm currently sitting in a local coffee shop called Cafe Ecclectic boasting what I would call Memphis's best coffee.  They use Illy coffee aka better than starbucks. Yes I said it, the truest of all Sbucks followers has found another favorite.
As the cafe is on the way downtown to the law school I have taken many a trips here for a quick cup on the way to work after dropping the hubby off for class. As I sit here I'm sipping on iced coffee and have just finished a yummy strawberry cupcake- so good! Sometimes you just need a little treat, right?

Today my boss mentioned it was time for evaluations and possible raises if you were eligible. Seeing as I've only been with the clinic since August I am ineligible but will none the less receive remarks on the best and worst of my work. Though I work harder than I feel I've ever done with what one would call a typical "job" {clock in, clock out- large company, holiday parties, uniform etc etc}, it's still a little scary going in for an evaluation, you know? One of the girls I work with as well as a PT said that it was nothing and all I should be critiqued on would be my posture. *Sitting up straight as I type*

Monday I was given the entire day off as another co-worker asked to cover my shift so I would do the same for her in return yesterday afternoon. Although it was nice to have the day off on Monday I found myself bored pretty quickly followed by a lack of energy to complete any housework aside from laundry. Yes I mustered up the ability to wash all sheets and every piece of clothing I think the two of us might own I have yet to actually fold them. One basket full of towels sits in the living room and another large basket sits in a corner in our kitchen. {Remember how our washer/dryer are located next to my stove? Lovely!} With my insufficiency to take care of our home I headed off to work yesterday for 10 hours of patients and exercises.
I was sincerely pooped by the time 6:30 rolled around and didn't want to wake at 6 am today. Bah hum bug I say.

I best be packing up, Adam gets out of class in a few minutes.
Have a lovely hump day evening, one and all!
xoxo .betsydavis

{Photo Credits: Hitchcock Blonde}

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