Monday, February 8, 2010

Hello hello and a happy Monday to you!
After a fun weekend in Nashville with our families we are now back in Memphis just in time for a little snowstorm that hit us this morning.
Saturday morning my mom and I were able to get our nails done together which we had never done before. In fact this was my mom's first time to have hers professionally done and they look so good! My feet were in desperate need and that poor guy who took care of me deserved every bit of that tip. All of my toes are a sweet light pink shade in honor of valentine's day. {Aren't you just so excited for Sunday?} We spent our time between both families watching movies, going shopping, church and lunch at Red Lobster. Such a nice gesture for Adam's parents to take all of us out! We left Franklin early as we wanted to make it home before the Super Bowl started so that we'd still have somewhat of a weekend at home before the work/school week started.
{Side note: Adam's from Louisiana leaving us to cheer for the Saints of course! Who dat!} 

Much to our surprise we woke up this morning to a text from Adam's friend Zach stating that the snowbird called for snow and school was cancelled for him. I scoffed at the text "knowing" my work wouldn't close for anything as we have many patients to attend to yet after texts between a few girls from work were exchanged and a call to the boss we were told to enjoy the snow and not come in. Thank goodness, we would have had to leave at 7 normally but instead I laid my head back down on the pillow.
Excited to have the day off I lazed around on the couch watching the morning tv shows and quickly jumped off the ole tush to clean clean clean. Adam had to pick up his friend from the airport who attended the super bowl and didn't know if he could take him all the way to his apartment and might have to have him stay at our house.  
Wipe the sink down. Wipe the kitchen counters. Make the bed. Assemble all the dirty clothes from the luggage and stuff in the washer. Stuff Stuff know they'll fit!

Having been pretty low key all day I'm itching to get out again but the forecast calls for another 3"-6" of snow overnight. I'm sure cabin fever will kick in if work isn't open tomorrow but all is well because we have Mad Men Season 1 to catch up on. Yay!
Long entry coming to an end promeese.
Love you all, I hope you have a lovely evening!
xoxo .betsydavis

{Photo credit: Love is A Big Funny Word}

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