Thursday, February 4, 2010

Can you believe it? We've reached the sweetest month of all, February and nothing could be sweeter than pastels and flowers. ...and maybe even a cupcake or two :)
The rainy weather has put a damper on my day despite my getting all chores done I have felt pretty blah. Maybe I should shave my legs or paint my nails, that always gets me feeling girly since I'm home alone.  In fact reason being, Adam is out for the evening at Rhodes for a seminar on Brown v. Board of Education. Seeing as we live in Memphis which has such a large civil rights background it seems quite apropos. Anywho he's there until 9 and I'm watching The Deep End.
I bought a large sketchbook last night at a local art store for allll of my magazine clippings from Elle to Lucky & Saveur to House Beautiful. Since I was 11 I've been obsessed with magazines- the glossy photos, the tips and tricks with abounding inspiration, I just can't get enough! Needless to say I've accumulated quite a few {ahem...hundreds} of those lovely periodicals and felt I should break them down to their finest pieces according to what I like and chuck the rest. For now I have two separate books to hold my wonderful torn out pages and feel quite liberated to be truthful. If I get a chance in the near future I'll post the progress.
Tomorrow Adam and I leave for Nashville to celebrate Daniel, Adam's brother, on his 18th birthday. His brother will be taking the ACT and working most of the time leaving us to get our tires rotated, an oil change and my muuuuch needed 6 month long awaited pedicure. Come to me soft feet! Hello there buffed heels and goodbye calluses. Eeep I'm elated!
Have a lovely Thursday night, I wish you the happiest of dreams.
xoxo .betsydavis

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