Friday, January 20, 2012

SheStyledIt: How I Store My Makeup

It's Friday! The weekend has arrived, I am ecstatic!
I would really enjoy visiting the world of sleeping in tomorrow....really really enjoy.
You may have read once or twice that I am a lover of all things organized. Well this week on SheStyledIt all of us girls (Andrea, Elly and Karina) are talking about how we store our makeup products. As the space that I store my makeup is quite small I thought I would show you all of my beauty items and how I try to maximize the space.
Whether you are a girly girl or love a good video on storage...cause who doesn't think about fun and storage in the same thought.....then please watch what I have posted below.
This weekend we'll be dog sitting for my boss as he and his family visit a college for their daughter. It doesn't hurt that they have a theater in their basement, if anything, it just adds to the beauty of this weekend. Oh and I also want to note that my dearest friend, Holli will be turning 24 on Saturday as well as my gorgeous and incomparable Mamma. (We'll just say she's turning 24, too!)
Definitely a busy few days ahead of us but I am eager to enjoy every minute. 
Have a lovely Friday, I'll talk to you soon!

xoxo bd

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