Sunday, August 7, 2011

  Everyone needs a pop of color in their life...everyone needs something to break up the mundane in their lives and I feel as though that is happening in mine right now.
A new job is on the horizon which I am tickled pink about and I finally have my husband back as he has taken the bar.
Our weekend was one of the best yet spent with friends whom we adore and family we love so very much!
On Friday we hung out with our friend Zack who was in town to take the MPRE (a law school test) and afterwards we met with him to tour the Parthenon, a Nashville landmark. Followed by the Parthenon, which is a life size replica of the original, we headed to Fido, my favorite coffee shop.
Later that night my main squeeze continued to hang out with Zack and a fellow law school grad, Matt. 
Let's just say they came back at midnight to only stay downstairs at our home, talk some more, drink scotch and hang out until 3am. Oh men.
Last night I was able to get in some lovely Lauren Kupchik time!! We met at art school years ago and have been great friends ever since. She now lives what I would consider a dream life at the top of a high rise over looking all of Nashville. We sipped on wine {note: must buy!} and ate cupcakes.Can you say perfect!
She is by far one of the hardest working friends that I have and am so very proud of who she has become as a woman.
Last night we stayed with my in laws and later today went to my parents home for lunch as we do every Sunday. 
My grandfather, Papa, now lives and naps with them. Yes, naps. He sleeps most of the time, but when you do get to spend time with him you learn to listen as he has so much to say. He's been there for 2 weeks and I think has adjusted well. 
We all started to watch The Sound of Music that I believe we'll be finishing next weekend.
On that note I'm going to watch Mad Men before I fall asleep. I'm obsessed! long farewell auf wiedersehen goodbye
Talk to you soon,
xoxo .Bd

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