Wednesday, August 31, 2011

As new job has started I have regained the ability to do what I love which is play dress up.
When I worked at the physical therapy clinic I had to wear a uniform and when I cleaned houses I just wore workout clothes. The only way I could make myself feel special was to do up my hair and makeup. The occasional accessory was added if it wasn't too much fuss.

With working as a legal assistant for a law office, an outfit is planned the night before down to the shoes and earrings. I mean, I have to dress up don't I? It's required! 
Some people I talk to loathe the routine of getting up in the morning to put on their face and figure out the next pair of pants to wear. Me? I live for this. 
Daily, I flip through my fashion magazines and scroll about my favorite style blogs to gain inspiration of what a new outfit might hold. Pinterest has been a great help when I look for color combinations and hair styles. 

While at my desk today, one of my co-workers said to me that she thought I always had pretty makeup on and wanted to have a girls party where I did everyone's makeup. Really? Me?! I felt and feel so special!
Without a doubt I am the kind of lady who even plans what eye-shadows I want to wear for the next day.

Okay so the Creaseless Cream in RSVP all over the lid, maybe a little Coffeebean in the outer-v of the eye with  Black Honey smudged along the lash line. petal or kitten gloss?

You may think I'm joking but my mind works like that way. Hear you me, I am unapologetic about that. My passions are fashion and makeup.
Here's to another put together day! I hope you all enjoyed your Wednesday, I'll talk to you soon!

xoxo .bd

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