Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fashion Favorite

If you know me well at all, you know that lately I have had an obsession with YouTube videos. Undoubtedly my guilty pleasure, I admit!
Rarely do I watch music videos or bloopers, mostly beauty and fashion ones.
In the past few months I discovered this girl, well woman actually, who takes the #1 slot on my "first watch" list. I promise I'm not creepy.
Her name is Alex, a southern California resident, she has a jewelery line which she runs out of her apartment and has impeccable style sense. I read her blog daily and am never without inspiration. 

Not only does she post her latest beauty finds, but also home decor, yummy food options and a Chanel collection to drool over. 

Below is a video that she just posted and she states exactly how I feel about a T-shirt and jeans. Simply stated, it takes the same amount of time to throw on a silk blouse as it does a cotton T. Amen! This girl knows my heart!
All of that to say, check out the video and subscribe to her channel!

I hope your past couple of weeks have been fantastic. Sorry I've been MIA, life has been hectic!
Talk to you soon,
 xoxo .bd

{Photo and Video Credits: HRH Collection}

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