Sunday, March 6, 2011

You know you are in trouble when your mom gets on to you for not posting.

Since my last update that was oddly enough exactly one month ago today, many things have happened.
To celebrate Valentines Day, Adam and I went to Do for sushi as we have per tradition for the past three years. To my surprise, I was given lilies, my absolute favorite flower!
What a wonderful husband I have! He loves and takes care of me so well; just call me spoiled.
One of the reasons why I love lilies is that they tend to last me for a couple of weeks at least; they are definitely worth the price and beautiful to boot!

Each day the sun would shine welcoming in what seemed to be the start of Spring with warm afternoons and short sleeved shirts. Of course, all good things must end as yesterday and today’s weather has been unkind. A dreary gray colored the skies with cold air seeping in through our windows. (We lack insulation in our house. I am not kidding.)

Before I forget, I wanted to mention that we took a trip back to Nashville last weekend to celebrate my birthday and search for apartments. I am now the ripe ole’ age of 23… I’m a spry one.
My parents were generous to take us out to The Cheesecake Factory to indulge in the most amazing corn fritters and chocolate mousse goodness. I kid you not when I say I have a big weakness for cheesecake. After that wonderful night, we spent all of Saturday driving around Cool Springs, Brentwood and Nashville for a place to live.
After touring many places, we decided on the first apartment we viewed which had the best deal of them all!
I cannot express how excited I am for this move as I have been counting down the days. {Two months & three days}
While my excitement has been brewing, Adam has become increasingly anxious as it means he will have finals to take and papers to write. Sorry, my love.
On top of his anxiety, he was plagued with the flu this past week. He was miserable for 6 days straight and rarely slept through the night. Thank you, Jesus, for the invention of Tamaflu as without that powerful drug he would still be under the covers with a fever.
Since then, the sheets have been cleaned, everything de-sanitized and he is now the proud owner of a new toothbrush. What a week!

Hoping you enjoy the rest of your Sunday evening, I will let you go.
Talk to you soon,

Xoxo .bd

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