Monday, March 28, 2011

Hello everyone!

Can you believe that March is almost over? With working extra hours at work and daily life, I have put this dear blog on the back burner. Last Monday I went to bed at 7:15 One month from tomorrow will be my last day at work leading us closer to our move date.
We are currently in the process of finding a place to live as our previous option has since fallen through. Thinking about it in hindsight I feel we settled for what we thought would work best rather than what would make us happiest.
Nothing is set in stone but we are seriously praying about a recent housing opportunity that we found. It is small…very small, but in the heart of the area we love. We’re definitely eager to be back in the city, close to concerts and coffee shops and our favorite people.
Can I say that I'm itching to pack everything up already? I want to be the most organized mover/packer out there. No more throwing things into trash bags the day of...well I have never done that...but you get the point. A mess there will not be.
Recently I have become obsessed with a blog devoted to organizing which I hope to do a post on soon. My magazine collection is out of this world but her ideas and tips make me not feel bad for the amount I collected.  Yes, I am committed now; I will make a post this week!
So I must bid you goodnight, my eyes are closing faster than this laptop. Sleep tight and I’ll talk to you soon.
Xoxo .bd

{Photo Credit: Deliciously Organized}

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