Wednesday, March 9, 2011

 Happy Wednesday, we have officially made it to the middle of the week.

To accompany my post on Monday, I thought it might be fun to show a part of our grocery shopping trip. If you live in or around Memphis, I am sure you have seen the buildings with large orange signs saying EASY WAY. An answer on the local chain’s website answering a question as to why they chose such a bright sign is, “The color orange is supposed to be an appetite stimulant and also draws a lot of attention.”
Simply stated, I think.
This place is full of fruits, vegetables, local items such as cheese, honey, breads, goodies and milk. The prices are always much cheaper than what is at our local grocery store or Whole Foods. We typically go in like kids in a candy store and pick out everything we want because it is so affordable. Because of the quantity we buy at a time, we shop there every other week.
With that said, here is what we bought today!

Our Receipt:
Atauflo Mangos               $0.69
Sliced Mushrooms             $1.99
Fla Strawberries (2 @ 0.99)  $1.98
Kale Greens (2 @ 2/1.00)          $1.00
Sweet Red Onions             $0.73
Carrots 1LB                  $0.89
Lemons                       $0.33
Broccoli                     $1.99
Peaches                      $2.15
Kiwi Fruit (2 @ .59)         $1.18
Bananas                      $0.65

      BALANCE                      $14.63    
Total Number of Items Sold    =14

Afterward we have a fridge filled with yummy food and eager bellies.

Here’s to getting through the next few days of the work week.
Have a lovely evening!

Xoxo .bd

{Photo Credits: Betsy Davis}

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  1. wow! i am incredibly jealous of the prices! i buy my produce at whole foods since we both work there and i never get much because it's so expensive!

    and that no stir almond butter is my favorite! mmmm i want some now!